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1789Re: WorldTransport Forum Parking vs. ped/bike. What if the other guy actually has a point?

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  • Ganga Nirosha
    Jun 27 6:00 AM

      Dear all,
      We, Department of Civil  & Environmental  Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and University of Ruhuna  are  undertaking a research   to develop a  Walkability Evaluation tool to evaluate walkability in streets of developing countries.We expect to develop this tool based on the opinions and evaluation of the professionals.

       I would kindly expect your help to distribute this information to relevant people
      whose work  involves (has involved) road planning/design/construction/maintenance  and  management .

      The research consists  of three  questionnaires  to be filled  in three stages. Each questionnaire consists of several questions in which you are expected to state
      your  opinion  by  selecting  a suitable  answer  or  stating  the  degree of importance by way or a numerical value.Your response is of utmost importance to us.
      Questionnaire of this research is available on the following website: www.walkabilitysurvey.tk

      If you are willing to assist us for this work, please visit this website and kindly complete questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate if you can fill this by 2nd July
      2012. Please be kind enough to enter your name and other requested details on the questionnaire. We guarantee that your information will only be used for this research and will be kept confidential.

      Should you have any queries or comments regarding this survey, you are welcome to contact us via telephone at 091-2245765/ 091-2245767 or e-mail   

      Yours sincerely,
      Dr. G.N. Samarasekara,
      Senior Lecturer Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,
      Faculty of Engineering,                                                                     
      University of  Ruhuna.

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