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1775Re: WorldTransport Forum Re: [WorldCityBike] Request for collaboration on green mobility infrastructure development in selected Nigerian tertiary institution

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  • Kevin McLaughlin
    May 18, 2012
      Don't forget twitter and Facebook if you want attention

      Look to something like Kickstarter or Kiva for investment

      Kevin McLaughlin 

      On May 18, 2012, at 6:54 AM, Richard Layman <rlaymandc@...> wrote:


      Good idea.  I think these examples at colleges in the US are relatively low cost ways to provide students with bicycles.  It needs to be complemented with programming and other support facilities.
      The basic point is to make "administration" as simple as possible, and to reduce labor costs and the need to check bikes out and in, by just giving the student the full-time use (and responsibility for) a bike/lock/helmet for a low or no price. 
      North Central College provides the bike for an entire semester, for a low price.  UCLA charges $45/semester.  The Ripon College program provides the bike for free--with some volunteer hours and an agreement to not bring a car to campus.  Ripon College treats the matter as transportation demand and land use management, because it's cheaper to provide students a bike than it is to build and support parking, either in lots or structures, and it's a waste of precious land resources besides.
      Remember though if you are going to encourage use of bicycles off campus, students need access to high quality bicycle parking.  They are probably going to need two locks (although maybe what I read about Nigeria and lawlessness isn't true).  And they are going to need training in how to secure their bicycles.  AND, ideally, you will work with the community to install bike parking at the locations off the campus that are the most likely destinations--simultaneous with the launch of the program.
      Richard Layman

      From: eric britton <eric.britton@...>
      To: 'joshua odeleye' <joshuaodeleye@...>; Sustran-discuss@...; worldtransport@yahoogroups.com; WorldCityBike@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 5:56 AM
      Subject: [WorldCityBike] Request for collaboration on green mobility infrastructure development in selected Nigerian tertiary institution

      This is a great project Joshua.  Here are my quick reactions, ideas for what they are worth. I will share this on some of our networks, and I am sure that friends out there will pick up on this as well and join the fray.
      1. Give it a great, short and memorable name. (Here's a bad one to get you going: ReBike.)
      2. Create an interactive blog to support the program over, say, the next two years. There are some great formats around which you can quickly and well knock off. I and I am sure others will have ideas for you on that.
      3. Invite internationalers working in this area to join in. Maybe you could ask them to be on your board of experts or whatever, to support the project and give it some kind of international weight when you are discussing with local government, the schools, etc.
      4. Keep it a thousand miles away from any one political party (including the Greens).
      5. Reach out to other universities and student groups and ask them for their ideas, experience and eventual leads for your program.
      Now for those friends and colleagues working in this area who have picked up on this, join in and lend a hand. If we wait for world government to do the job, we will have very long beards indeed.
      Off we go,
      Eric Britton
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      ] On Behalf Of joshua odeleye Sent: Friday, 18 May, 2012 10:16
      Subject: [sustran] Request for collaboration on green mobility infrastructure development in selected Nigerian tertiary institution.
      Dear All,
      I am currently working  on a proposal on 'Bicycle Usage and Infrastructure provision in selected Nigerian Tertiary Institutions'. The primary aim is to use tertiary institutions as platform for re-introduction of bicycle in Nigeria, especially in urban environment. This is a sort of catch them young approach. That is, the future administrators, politicians, engineers, doctors e.t.c.who are today undergraduates.
      It is believed that the Undergraduate years experience often last longer in individuals, and it also influences some of the decisions taken  as adults.
      Any form of supports in this regard, will be highly appreciated.
      Best regards, Joshua Odeleye, PhD - joshuaodeleye@...
      Assistant Director, Research & Consultncy Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) P.M.B 1148,Zaria NIGERIA.

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