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1772Meeting of the Minds

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  • eric britton
    May 11, 2012

      You may want to check this out at http://www.meetingminds2012.org/. (I personally like that kind of wide open approach. Good luck to them.)


      Who's Participating?: The 2012 Meeting of the Minds will convene more than 250 invited urban sustainability leaders in San Francisco (CA) from more than a dozen countries to explore a rich variety of smart design, planning, policy and technology innovations that enable cities/regions to respond to increasingly complex urban planning and development challenges.


      Why They’re Coming: Each year’s Meeting of the Minds is a premier leadership summit focused on the innovations that leaders in the built environment, infrastructure, transport, architecture, planning, finance and other key areas can use to grow sustainable cities. For two days, participants from across all sectors — public, NGO, and private — engage in lively discussions focused on “connecting the dots” linking buildings, energy and water resources, mobility, and finance.

      Underpinning the 2012 program is a growing imperative: to make sense of the complex interplay between natural ecosystems and human infrastructure systems. The Meeting will look at how urban/regional decisions have become inextricably linked, and what elements of cross-sector partnership are critical for successful solutions.


      Our Meeting will illuminate specific solutions and smart strategies that are making it possible to accelerate the emergence of sustainable cities around the globe — and create a smarter and more connected future for all. We’ll feature the innovators who are solving critical problems, especially those from organizations that are making smart investment choices. We’ll identify breakthrough policies and practices that are already enabling our institutions and systems to become smarter and more resilient.





      PS.  Please note new address and phone number as of 24 April 2012



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