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169Eric - & CFN perhaps an answer for UK

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  • Tramsol@aol.com
    May 30 3:31 AM
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      I recently discovered that the UK's Business Link centres are equipped for
      teleconferencing, as are UK Government Regional Offices, and many larger Local
      Aurthorities. All of this equipment is vastly under used, and presents an
      interesting opportunity to demonstrate efficient use of time & travel resources in
      holding national and international meetings.

      Some people who, on principle, will not fly at all, may at last be able to
      accept invitations to overseas events, and show up the travel junkies who have
      the time to fritter away on travelling.

      Eric B thanks for the info on home teleconferencing kits, I should be abale
      to take up on this soon, when I get broadband connection

      Dave H