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  • Dave Holladay
    Oct 3, 2011
      We had a version tested as replacement for Yoker-Renfrew ferry, several models by various firms of buses and coaches.

      This one was considered for doing complete Paisley-Clydebank trips but damaged as it 'landed badly' on uneven landing slipway.

      Certainly one up on the DUKW


      On 02/10/11 13:12, Pascal van den Noort wrote:

      The amphibious bus, Floating Dutchman, has made its maiden trip between Schiphol and Amsterdam.  The amphibious bus called Floating Dutchman, on which tourists can travel from Schiphol to Amsterdam finally made its maiden trip. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment blocked the approval for a long time, thinking there were still some technical problems with the vehicle. As of now, the bus sails and drives three times a day from the Airport of Schiphol to Amsterdam. Tourists can take the bus at 9am, 12 or 3pm. When there’s enough time, the bus can make a fourth round trip, depending on weather and water conditions. The bus, owned by shipping company Lovers, cost €2.5 million which is three times more than originally thought. A ticket costs €39. The city of Amsterdam hopes to attract more tourists to the city. Whether you have a transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or want to start your holiday with a splash, the Floating Dutchman is the most spectacular way to experience Amsterdam. The bus leaves from the airport to the city. Once there, it will 'splash' into the canals and show you highlights of the city, before taking you back to the airport!

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