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1621World Streets: Weekly digest for 11 July 2011

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  • eric britton
    Jul 11, 2011


      World Streets

                Weekly digest for 11 July 2011




      Why people do what they do? And why it's important for us to understand.

      David Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times, generally a mid-American Conservative with all that implies.  But he can surprise. Today he took a whack at the convolute matters of cognition, context and eventually the choices we make.  From the vantage of our sector of responsibility here, if we are not able to [...]

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      SLOWTH: Or why it is so very important (and so very easy) to slow down traffic in cities

      It is the consistent position of this journal that much of what is wrong with our current transportation arrangements in cities could be greatly alleviated if we can find ways just to slow down. It is very powerful -- and it's just not that hard to do.  Get comfortable and have a look.

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