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1617Outrageous driving behavior in Kunming, China

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  • eric britton
    Jul 1, 2011

      From: jane. [mailto:voodikon@...]
      Sent: Friday, 01 July, 2011 10:48


      Pedestrian overpasses have been erected all over Chinese cities, reportedly to improve (motor vehicle) traffic flow. Here in Chengdu, pedestrians climb three or four flights of stairs or a ramp graded at about 45 degrees (many feature slippery surfaces, and you slide back an inch or so for every step you take, particularly if you're pushing a bike up--on the downhill, walkers in high heels or flip flops often just grab onto the handrail and do their best to slide down--and that's in dry conditions) in order to cross the street. Surface-level crossing is not an option at many intersections. Bikers carrying heavy loads pedal a kilometer or so out of the way to cross the street, or they simply ride down the wrong way to avoid pushing their bike up and over. And that's nothing to say about people in wheelchairs or those without the fortitude to walk the extra distance or elevation.


      Despite the inconveniences for pedestrians and cyclists, at least one driver in Kunming, Yunnan, is trying to claim the pedestrian bridge as another car roadway.