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1596ICLEI: Getting EcoMobile

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  • eric britton
    May 16, 2011

    Dear sir/madam

    We attach a press release concerning the official launching of the EcoMobility SHIFT project.

    EcoMobility SHIFT will create an innovative certification scheme awarding an EcoMobility Label to cities. The scheme will reward achievements, but also support local governments in reaching further improvements through a quality management system for enabling processes, products and services, tangible results and long term impacts . EcoMobility is thought to be the future corner stone for sustainable urban mobility and transport.

    Best regards,
    Nuno Quental

    Nuno Quental
    EcoMobility Officer

    ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
    World Secretariat
    Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 7
    53113 Bonn


    Tel.: +49-228 / 97 62 99 26
    Mobile: +49-157 / 891 891 54
    Fax: +49-228 / 97 62 99 01

    World Congress on Mobility for Sustainable Cities
    Republic of Korea, 22-24 October 2011
    If you know of an exemplary EcoMobility case-study, submit your proposal!