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1444Re: How many more conferences??

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  • Rishi Aggarwal
    Sep 7, 2010
      Dear Eric, Kanthi and friends,

      The key point is reaching beyond the congregation of the converted and getting in touch with those people on whose behalf we do all this championing. The m/woman on the street is removed from solution finding even as they are concerned and affected. They  dont even know who their local elected representative is and what government means beyond a 10- digit G Word. They dont know political economy, they dont understand how their taxes are collected and in the various number of ways. They dont understand the people who sit down with the tax kitty and do the allocations. While the converted are in thousands, the lost are in their millions. Get to these millions and make them do even a tenth of the efforts we put in and viola we have change. This is what conferences should focus on. Not on fancy report writers. No intention of being rude but its high time we put limited energy and resource in doing what is needed.

      Eric I will follow what is happening at Kaohsiung and get back with specific suggestions. Good its 2012!



      On 7 September 2010 12:12, Kanthi Kannan <kanthikannan@...> wrote:
      Dear Eric and others

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