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1411"Old Mobility = mechanical solutions to biological problems"

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  • eric britton
    Aug 1, 2010
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      From: Ann Hackett [mailto:aha@...]
      Sent: Sunday, 01 August, 2010 20:53

      Some thoughts on "Old Mobility = mechanical solutions to biological

      1. "Why the narrow binomial choices...?" We're a product of our
      conditioning through experience, education and advertising.

      2. Those "mechanistic approaches" to maintaining our current system
      have caused problems for users and our environment but have served those
      who benefit from these approaches very well and they don't want it to be
      fixed. Look at profits, advertising budgets, tax revenue, etc...

      3. Search for "ants + transportation" and "Ant Colony Algorithm" and
      find evidence in favor of biological traffic organization by ants with
      their highly developed social behavior.

      4. How to get a shift in character, away from artificially created
      desires of independence to highly developed social behavior?

      5. Currently our binomial choices are:
      Dependent = Public Transportation
      Independent = Private, Car Ownership

      The 3rd option is:
      Interdependent = Shared Transportation

      6. Decreasing the convenience of parking re-prioritizes the choices.