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140boost in transportation by IST?

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  • Thomas Schauer
    Feb 10, 2003
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      Dear Readers,

      again and again we could hear about the potential benefits of information
      technology with respect to the substitution of motorways by data highways

      But in reality we observed an increase of transportation of goods and
      persons. Why is there such a difference between theory and reality ?

      The reason is a fundamental error which can be found in current
      dematerialisation theories. They suppose that the information society
      SUBSTITUTES the industrial society. But more and more evidence shows that
      the information society ADDS on the industrial one.

      In a new study this is illustrated by an interesting parallel to the
      industrial revolution: The industrial society also did not substitute but
      add on the agricultural one (if we consider the environmentally relevant
      production and not just the jobs !).

      The study was prepared for the SASKIA project of the EC and can be
      downloaded in the "background" section of the website

      There is also a restricted number of paper copies available which can be
      ordered free of charge via info@...-ulm.de

      Best Regards
      Thomas Schauer

      Dr. Thomas Schauer
      FAW Ulm
      Helmholtzstrasse 16
      89081 Ulm

      Tel. 0731-501-8633
      Fax. 0731-501-999
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