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139Smart Growth Market Reforms

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  • Todd Alexander Litman
    Jan 5, 2003
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      Thank you very much.

      Land Value Taxation is one of the strategies discussed in the "Smart Growth
      Market Reforms" chapter of our Online TDM Encyclopedia at
      http://www.vtpi.org/tdm/tdm95.htm. Also see the "Land Use Evaluation"
      chapter at http://www.vtpi.org/tdm/tdm104.htm which provides information on
      the higher social costs associated with urban sprawl. Please let me know if
      you have any specific information to add.

      Best wishes,
      -Todd Litman

      At 03:26 PM 12/24/2002 +0000, Wetzel Dave wrote:
      >Cheers Todd
      >I attach a paper on Land Value Taxation which may be of interest to anyone
      >trying to fund transport infrastructure projects from a sustainable tax
      >Dave Wetzel
      >Vice-Chair, Transport for London
      >Windsor House. 42-50 Victoria Street. London. SW1H 0TL.
      >Tel: 020 7941 4200. Fax: 020 7941 4748
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