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130Re: [WorldTransport] FW: The Culture of Carsharing (3rd world thoughts)

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  • Tramsol@aol.com
    Dec 18, 2002
      One detail which would make the need for car shareing clubs and
      administration less attractive would be when car hiring runs 24 hours/day at
      a sensible price, probably per hour or half dsy asand is bookable on the net,
      for delivery to your door in the next hour.

      In the UK 1 car 1.com almost fits this market, and by combining car hire with
      another 24 hour transport operation like a bus depot, so that a pool of
      drivers can ferry cars out, or stand in for no-show bus drivers.

      Car hire is of course then universally available to anyone with a driving
      licence, allowing people to travel by train, bus or air to a location and at
      any hour use a car, if this is appropriate.

      Dave Holladay
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