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1240transport and climate change

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  • Simon Norton
    Dec 4, 2009
      Lee Schipper, I'm still not sure that I understand you, but let me try to
      restate my point of view more clearly so that you can see whether it accords
      with what you are trying to say.

      Most of us recognise that a car based transport system is utterly dysfunctional,
      and the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is therefore a co-benefit
      of what needs to be done anyway.

      However, there are those who believe that private motor transport is essential
      to civilisation. These people, assuming they are not climate change deniers,
      will therefore have their eye on technological means of reducing emissions,
      which are more costly and which will have a more limited scope.

      Transport activists need to lobby climate change negotiators to ensure that they
      recognise that this is not so. Then they will be willing to contemplate a more
      sustainable transport system in addition to other means of reducing emissions,
      and, hopefully, confront the car lobbyists who currently pervade most of our

      We may be able to persuade them, further, that a better quality of life is
      possible in a low car society, but for them it will be the better quality of
      life that is the co-benefit of a policy that will, I hope, help to reduce our
      greenhouse gas emissions below the danger level.

      Simon Norton
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