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1239RE: WorldTransport Forum transport and climate change

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  • Lee Schipper
    Dec 4, 2009

      Hope there was a typo below. Hope you meant mode-SHIFT!

      Another worry I have is that the present framework encourages projects that may show a carbon savings BUT NOT NECESSARILY a transport improvement.


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      I agree with Lee on this.


      Firstly, Carbon negotiators are doing a job that has more to do with creating a carbon market and supporting the mode-shit towards a sustainable development. They are creating a market, where trading is perhaps easily calculable. Transport sector, even though it vastly contributes to emissions, is very disjoint in nature when it comes to evaluation.


      Secondly, Transportation is a design flaw, and not an operational mistake. It has to be fixed, regardless of the carbon content in our atmosphere. May it be 450 ppm, 350 ppm or even less? Reforming transformation is necessary for the overall societal development, and emissions (especially CO2) reduction is one amongst the many advantages that this reform would bring.


      Thank you.





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      Subject: WorldTransport Forum transport and climate change



      I think you misunderstood. My point is that the carbon negotiators have no authority, political or otherwise, to change transport. That’s what’s wrong. The transport people who matter are not “delegates” here and don’t sit in the meetings and make policies. That’s too bad. But I’m not sure they should be here. They should be making sensible transport policies as Simon recommends INDEPENDENT of the swirl of hot air and debate that will arise in Copenhagen . We can’t wait for a climate agreement to fix transport, and fixing transport will contribute to lower Co2 emissions without having to wait for the large economies to stop fighting!


      Lee Schipper

      Project Scientist, Global Met. Studies, UC Berkeley

      Sen. Res Eng., Precourt Energy Eff Ctr, Stanford U.


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