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1183[World Streets] World Streets and the One Percent Solution

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  • Eric Britton
    Sep 29, 2009



      World Streets and the One Percent Solution


      You know this as well as I do. There are no big bang solutions for transportation systems reform. Only large numbers of for the most part generally quite small things. In themselves. But it's what you put all these small things together that you get the new and better transportation systems that we need and deserve. Large numbers of small things, each doing their part in concert. We call them "one percent solutions".

      Likewise for World Streets. After seven months of unfailing daily publication and more than 85,000 readers we know we are doing an important job. But if we are to continue to appear we need the support of many people and groups. One percent solutions. Think about it with us. Get next to us and push. For the planet, for your city, for your children.

      1. The One Percent Solution
      2. Program summary (Opens in own window)
      3. Ten reasons why
      4. Next steps
      5. Afterword: Why one per cent?



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