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118World Sustainable Cities - next steps

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 11, 2002

      Paris, Thursday, July 11, 2002


      Dear Friends,


      If you turn to http://ngroups.com/stockholm today, you will see that the World Sustainable Cities Consortium follow-up to the Stockholm Partnerships June events is now up and ready to go.  It is our view that this is a potentially useful tool for those working in the area of transport, mobility and logistics as an efficient ‘big picture’ source, which can be useful to you both for the information it offers and the networks that it is building up.  As I hope you will see, the goal is to work toward a truly useful, pragmatic and encouraging World Sustainable Cities Innovations Knowledgebase (itself surely linked in many new ways to the growing number of other information projects and sources springing up around the world).


      Once you have had a look around the site, including checking out the projects and teams already on board and the way in which all this works, we invite you to click the Sign In link and log in yourself or your group (as Sustainability Advocates) or perhaps a specific ongoing project. .  For this you will need an Authorization, which has been set for the Partner Projects as 748596.  


      The entire sign-in procedure should take you no more of ten minutes to get started,  Once you submit, you may wish to have a good look at your entry, and if you wish to revise or extend at any point you can do so (for example in order to add your Messages). You will need your login in and password, but don’t worry, within minutes of making your initial entry you will receive an email reminder of both.


      We hope that you are going to find this new group site interesting as well as useful.  Since there is a lot there, permit me to draw a couple of things to your attention:


      1. The use of a Mosaic to show people and projects is, we think, a powerful information tool, and you may want to experiment a bit with making a couple of your own Sustainable Cities Mosaics based on your own criteria. At present with not quite 70 intitial entries just in, this is not as yet quite so interesting, but image how useful it will be when there are hundreds of projects in so many categories, places and stages of development.
      2. A quick tour of the following might also provide of some interest:

      ·         The Quick User Survey and its questions about and positions on the forthcoming World Summit in Johannesburg

      ·         The Challenge Essays and Projects in Peril rubrics while just getting started are already perhaps worth a quick visit.

      ·         The World Cities Links listing already identifies some three dozen leading organizations working ion the cities agenda in a variety of ways.  While this is already of interest as a reference, it will be come even more so if you give us your candidates to be added.

      We know that you are very busy and that your time is scarce, but we are confident that you are going to find this a useful experience and that there are many interesting things we will be able to learn and do together. The easy answer to being kept up to date efficiently is to sign up for the Newsletter, which we promise will never be sent more that once a month, and even then with real attention to putting before you only exception information on resources, projects and events that will be of potential use to you in your own challenges.


      And as always we would like to invite you to share with us your critical ideas and suggestions as to how we can make this better and more useful for you.  That after all is what it is all about.


      With all good wishes,


      Eric Britton


      The World Sustainable Cities Consortium

      At http://ngroups.com/stockholm


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