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116Future Urban Transport - Volvo Foundation

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 4, 2002
      Forwarded for your interest:

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      Invitation to submit proposals for research and education projects in
      area of "Future Urban Transport".

      The Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, (VREF), is a generic
      for two independent foundations, the Volvo Research Foundation and the
      Educational Foundation.

      VREF promote research and education in selected areas by providing funds
      research and educational projects. The current program is entitled
      Urban Transport", with the subtitle "How to cope with the complexity of
      urban transport development".

      The program activities are/will be:

      1. Funding of a relatively small number of larger scientific projects
      the aim to support / create Centres of Excellence in the area "How to
      with the complexity of urban transport development". With this letter we
      invite to apply for Planning grants for Centre of Excellence Proposals

      2. Funding of a number of Smaller Projects for research/education in the
      field mentioned above or for well-structured surveys of knowledge.
      Applications for this type of projects can be made as described below.

      3. Organisation of a series of high level Conferences (every 2nd or 3rd
      year). The initiative to organise the conferences will be taken by VREF.
      next FUT conference will take place September 21-24, 2003, Göteborg,
      For updated information and participation, see:

      More information about the Foundations, the FUT programme and how apply
      funding, is found at the Foundations web-site:

      We look very much forward to your response to this program.


      Bengt Kasemo