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1155Carriage of Bicycles on Metro rail systems

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  • Robert Moore
    Aug 31 7:31 PM
      Sydney is planning the start of a fully automated Metro rail system, see sydneymetro. Despite opposition from many quarters it may go ahead.The use of bicycles as a good means to get to the Metro stations is recognised, but so far the carriage of bicycles on the Metro is not being  proposed or, more importantly, not being designed in at the start. I have many references to carriage of bicycles on rail from around the world  and there is useful information on vtpi, and from Pucher and Buehler (newmobility blog spot) but if anyone has  experience or knowledge of successful examples on new Metros such information would be useful in attempting to convince authorities to change their position.

      Robert Moore
      Leichhardt Bicycle Users Group/BikeSydney

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