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1064There is plenty of room for "eyes on the street".

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  • Eric Britton
    Apr 8, 2009

      If you wish to follow World Streets as of this date, you have four options:


      (a)  Check it out daily or when you wish at www.worldstreets.org;

      (b)  Sign up for “Home delivery” in the left menu on the site; or

      (c)  Subscribe to the New Mobility Café (NewMobilityCafe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com will take you there,)

      (d)  or to the World Streets Yahoo Groups site (WorldStreets-subscribe@yahoogroups.com).


      I should mention that the Café is our main channel for strategic planning and policy matters, meaning that in addition to the World Streets feeds you will receive information on other priority issues. The World Streets Yahoo site by contrast receives only those postings.


      In both these latter cases, you can opt for either the individual postings or the  Daily Digest.


      Hoping to see you then on World Streets. Check it out. You may even want to get involved. There is plenty of room for “eyes on the street”.


      With all good wishes,




                                                         World Streets – www.worldstreets.org


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