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1063Re: WorldTransport Forum Your questions to leading city bike suppliers

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  • Dave Holladay
    Mar 31, 2009

      So now your questions . . .

      What is there to date Eric?

      I like the Cambio development of car sharing - commonality between Belgium, and the 2 major operations in Prussia and Bavaria - or so it looks on the map my grandad got for good handwriting at school.... in 1903.

      In the UK I have got some good responses on interoperability, which is more important for bikes than cars.  If you belong to the London Scheme then being able to hop off a train in Paris and grab a bike with your London subscriber details

      Call-a-Bike and OYBike are interoperable over the sites they operate in Germany and UK and technically could share subscribers who would apply to roam as they do with their mobile phones on different networks,

      Bike life expectancy is also interesting
      Copenhagen still using the 1995 fleet - rebuilt every year

      Barcelona some of the first bikes already retired - worn out

      OYBike has disposed of their first fleet after 3 years, and the new fleet has evolutionary upgrades.

      Clear Channel is on their Mk 5 bike with chain or shaft drive 

      Weight is generally 19-22 Kg                                                                                                            


      And keep pedaling,


      Eric Britton


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