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105Mo.Ve Observatory on Sustainable Mobility

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  • Iacovini Mo.Ve-forum
    Jun 24, 2002
                                              The complete press kit is available on the web site


      Mo.Ve: the international, non-governmental, permanent observatory on metropolitan mobility


      International Automobile Club Foundation and Italian Automobile Association to jointly define and advocate new public-private policies to relieve European urban congestion enhancing safety standards and protecting environment.




      Today’s public policies based on questionable data: urban user populations permanently change while inhabitants less relevant as congestion grows


      Ø      Mo.Ve to hold first International Forum in Venice (October 25-26)

      Ø      Mo.Ve to hold first scientific workshop in Milan (June 25-26)

      Ø      New internet site on urban mobility debate at www.move-forum.net




                                                                                                                               Rome, June 24st  2002




      A permanent, international and non-governmental observatory dedicated to the study and advocating of innovative public and private policies to improve day-to-day mobility of people, goods and ideas in major metropolitan areas, was announced this morning in Rome in an international press conference by:



      §         Franco Lucchesi, President of ACI (Italian Automobile Club);

      §         David Ward, Director of FIA Foundation (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and by

      §         Guido Martinotti, Urban sociologist, Pro-Rector of Università di Milano-Bicocca and scientific coordinator of the Mo.Ve Observatory.


      Mo.Ve stands for Mobility Venice, by virtue of the location for the Observatory’s annual forum.


      The three organizations, supported by a multidisciplinary team of scholars from major international universities and research centers, intend to take the lead in developing and advocating realistic measures to effectively balance legitimate mobility expectations with sustainable safety and environmental standards.

      This… in a major effort to improve quality of life of the diverse and ever changing segments of several distinct populations using the city in Europe’s major urban areas.


      Mo.Ve’s principal components are:


      1. a permanent observatory on urban user trends taking into account and interpreting data from the ongoing changes which today impact major metropolitan areas.

      This…on the premise that today’s public and private mobility policies are based on data which do not necessarily reflect an ever-changing reality


      2. an international and multidisciplinary team of experts due to meet next week (June 25-26) in Milan for a first workshop to discuss an opening discussion paper prepared by prof. Guido Martinotti, in which questions are raised on existing analysis criteria and that attempts to undertake an innovative interpretation of major city user populations and their mobility needs


      3. an on-line Internet site www.move-forum.net containing a rich and easily accessible repository of policy papers, research documents and articles from all over the world on the issue of mobility in metropolitan areas; as well as a forum where registered members may access, contribute and participate to the on-going debate among experts and policy makers


      4. an International Forum to be held in Venice (October 25-26) which will host some one hundred major European private and public policy makers to privately debate a ‘recommended policies’ document based on the findings and results of the first three activities.


      The Mo.Ve International Forum intends to be an annual event and, in its first edition, will see the presence of Transport and Environmental Ministers from member countries, Mayors of some of Europe’s major cities as well as a host of highly relevant European business, financial, associations and academic leaders.




      for further information:

      media relations


      Carlo Iacovini   + 39 02 48011219  

      Francesca Sallusto  +39  06 8070646