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102Re: [WorldTransport] Britainand public Transport deregulation

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  • John Whitelegg
    Jun 23 10:32 PM
      Dear Colleagues,
      Many thanks to Elaine for this.  I think it emphasises the need for this special issue.  The British experience has produced:
      record levels of unreliability and lack of punctuality
      record levels of passenger complaints
      very high rail fares
      a bankrupt and incompetent Railtrack authority
      more rail passengers
      more rail freight
      5 fatal accidents due to poor track, poor signals and poor quality control
      large tax subsidies to private companies (larger than in the days of British Rail)
      Let's see if we can get a special issue together on this.
      Any offers of papers, suggestions etc to me, please.
      very best wishes
      John Whitelegg
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      Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 10:45 AM
      Subject: [WorldTransport] Britainand public Transport deregulation

      To the group,
      I was happy to see the note from Eric about the possiblity of dedicating a whole issue of the WTPP  journal to the overall impacts of the deregulation of Public Transport in Great Britain. I know that I've heard very mixed reports about this experiment, but here in the Middle East, the British experience seems to be regarded by bureaucrats as something that has achieved great success, and the Israeli Ministry Transport, for one, is very keen on following the British model. 
      I'm afraid that this may be the case in many developing countries, which have become entranced by the magic wand of the marketplace.
      Elaine Fletcher

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