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1014[World Streets] Bad News Department

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  • ericbritton
    Feb 25, 2009
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      Some of our colleagues from various parts of the world have asked us why, if it is our mission to support and extend the objectives of sustainability and social justice in the broadest sense . . . why we have created a "Bad News Department".

      Well because we believe that there is no news like bad news (not quite of course but you understand), by which our point is that when poorly thought out projects, programs, policies or measures are given prime time in the media and warm backdrops on the political stage, and likewise when promising projects are subjected to intemperate attacks, it is a good thing for those of us who care about these issues to be right on top of them. This is news which is well worth sharing and eventually joining forces to do something about. Hence the Bad News Department.

      Like every other part of this program, the Bad News Department is intended to get its content through suggestions and postings of our several thousand watchful colleagues out there on the street in more than fifty countries around the world. So when you have some bad news for us, this is the place to turn so we can share it with everyone. We can then get together take it apart and discuss it under the Comments rubric in each case, which just may prove to be an interesting and instructive exercise. We think that the most important thing about bad news is to get it early.

      Posted By ericbritton to World Streets at 2/25/2009 04:13:00 PM