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WorldTies: Moon denied permission to enter Bulgaria

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    http://www.bgnewsnet.com/story.php?lang=en&sid=20888 16:40 - 27.10.2005 Moon denied permission to enter Bulgaria SOFIA (bnn)- The Interior Ministry imposed an
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      16:40 - 27.10.2005
      Moon denied permission to enter Bulgaria

      SOFIA (bnn)- The Interior Ministry imposed an interdiction on the leader of the Korean religious leader Reverend Sung Myung Moon to enter Bulgaria, the Ministry press center announced Wednesday.

      The leader of the Unification Church and his wife were scheduled to arrive Thursday for a holiday of the Bulgarian associations uniting followers of the movement. The motive of the Interior Ministry is increased security measures after the murder of the prominent Bulgarian businessman and owner of DZI financial group Emil Kyulev. The Ministry imposed on Moon a compulsory administrative measure for non-admission on Bulgarian territory.
      The planned visit of Moon and his wife sparked a wave of harsh reactions among several Bulgarian non-government organizations, which defined it as a threat to the national and religious values. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Catholic community in Bulgaria also joined the protests. The Holy Synod said that the visit of Moon is an attempt to abuse Bulgarian hospitality.
      The Unification movement was founded by the Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon in 1954. It achieved its popularity in the 90s when Moon began to establish various peace organizations, including the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. The followers of the Church believe that God will appoint another Messiah to establish God’s kingdom on Earth.
      The Unification Church is among the more controversial religious organizations in the United States and other nations. The Japanese Supreme Court upheld a 1997 fraud charge against the Unification Church of Japan with regard to certain fundraising practices. Other religious and social organizations have branded the movement a “cult” and have accused it of anti-Semitism, sexual abuse of female members, and recruitment through brainwashing.
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