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Chosun Ilbo: Kook Jin Moon dismissed from Chairman position at Tongil Foundation; Han Hak Ja's Will

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2013
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      "Kook Jin Moon dismissed from Chairman position at Tongil Foundation; Han Hak Ja's Will"

      Kook Jin Moon (43) was removed from his position as chairman of the Tongil Group by the board of directors.

      Mother Hak Ja Han (70), currently Chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, was in conflict with her 4th son Kook Jin Moon and 7th son Hyung Jin Moon (34) who is the International President. The [conflict led to the] two sons leaving from Korea. 

      Kook Jin Moon's translator Mr. Timothy Elder who works for the Tongil Foundation, reported on his Facebook page on March 23rd that "Kook Jin Moon was dismissed from his position in the Tongil Foundation." And said that "Bo Hi Pak's younger brother No Hi Pak was appointed" as the next chairman.

      Mr. Elder explained that a "board meeting called by the chairman in Pearl River, NY, failed to reach a quorum, when the four board members who requested the meeting did not appear." "The four held a separate meeting of their own at midnight, Korea time, in Cheongpyeong. It was here that Kook Jin Nim was removed." 

      A few days before, on March 20th, Mr. Elder gave an advance notice that chairman Kook Jin Moon would be dismissed by posting an announcement on the Tongil Group website. The announcement said, "The chairman has decided to accept True Mother's words about his dismissal with a heart of obedience. And he has canceled everything in his schedule as Foundation chairman as well as any plans to go back to Korea."

      With this latest development it looks like all the lawsuits that Chairman Kook Jin Moon did against UCI president Hyun Jin Moon will be stopped. Chairman Kook Jin Moon is expected to focus on managing KAHR Arms, a weapons company. 

      Chairman Kook Jin Moon's dismissal was triggered after his father Rev. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012) passed away on September 3rd of last year, when he blocked his brother Hyun Jin Moon from attending his father's funeral and when Hyun Jin Moon's family was excluded from the list of bereaved family members, among other conflicts. In January of this year Chairman Hak Ja Han gave the order that her children should stop all the lawsuits and unite, but they did not follow that direction.

      On November, 2010, chairman Kook Jin Moon initiated a lawsuit to "Cancel the right to the superficies" with the purpose of stopping the construction taking place at Parc1 in Yeouido, Seoul. The defendants lost in both the first trial and in the appeal, and they are now waiting for the Supreme Court's decision.

      Upon hearing the news that Kook Jin Moon was dismissed from the chairman position, members of the Emergency Committee of Blessed Families made an announcement saying that they "welcomed Chairman Moon's dismissal". They expressed that, "We should not engage in words and deeds that go against Rev. Moon's lifelong dedication and work", and said that they "Once again urge the church leaders to understand their original providential responsibility and mission by aligning the church and Tongil Foundation with heaven's will, and that on the occasion of Kook Jin Moon's dismissal the church should immediately stop all the unnecessary lawsuits taking place in Korea and abroad as True Mother (chairman Hak Ja Han) declared."

      Source: Chosun Ilbo
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