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Dr. Tyler Hendricks Reports Launch of Radio Ministry

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    http://unificationnews.com/article/dr__tyler_hendricks_reports_launch_of_radio_ministry Ministry Dr. Tyler Hendricks Reports Launch of Radio MinistryTyler
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      Dr. Tyler Hendricks Reports Launch of Radio Ministry

      Tyler Hendricks 
      Published: 03/01/13


      The country’s second newest church plant, UC Kingston, New York, has launched a radio ministry through WKNY, 1490 on the AM dial and at 1490wkny.com. The 30-minute experience of Divine Principle teaching, True Parents testifying and Holy Marriage Blessing airs every Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m.


      (From left to right) Pastor Abdou Gaye , Pastor Ruth Muanda and Dr. Tyler Hendricks are the co-hosts of the radio show “Holy Marriage Blessing."

      The name of the show is “Holy Marriage Blessing,” and that’s what we talk about, because it all starts there. We send out a dose of absolute good sex-marriage messages every Sunday morning. It’s good social theory; it’s good marketing; it’s the Bible; it’s the Principle; it’s the Peace Messages; it’s the True Parents; it’s our marriages and it’s our ministry.


      Holy Marriage Blessing is co-hosted by Pastor Abdou Gaye, Sister Ruth Muanda and me, Dr. Tyler Hendricks. On 1490wkny.com, the show is streamed live,so, anywhere in the country or world, you can hear our show at7:00 a.m. United States Eastern Standard Time.


      Historical Background


      A week after the Blessing of 1998, which took place in Madison Square Garden and featured a 1,000-voice gospel choir, Father and Mother Moon invited the organizers to a day’s outing at Six Flags. While there, I was standing near Father Moon at one point, and he said to me that I should get on the radio.


      In 2002-2003 I followed up on that, inheriting from Sarah Witt and Dr. Shawn Byrne the WKNY show, “True Love Journey.” I called it “True Love Travelogue,” and co-hosted it with Pastor Gaye. The show ended when our church funding was curtailed, but Pastor Gaye, who lives in Kingston, reports that people who heard his voice mentioned to him that they listened to the show.


      Unificationists never had a real church presence in Kingston until last October with our new plant, and one of our objectives was to renew the radio ministry. We have been going for five weeks now, at $75 per week.


      If anyone would like to be a sponsor for four weeks, send a check of any amount made out to UC Kingston HSA and a text of what you would like us to advertise, to UC Kingston, P.O. Box 3173, Kingston, NY 12402.


      Abdou, Ruth and I read True Parents’ words and the Bible and discourse about them, just as True Father and True Mother do at Hoon Dok Hae. Good for the audience or not, it’s totally energizing for us. The 30 minutes disappear in a flash. We record it on my laptop (Garage Band application), add some music in the background, burn it onto a CD and send it to the station. It’s a small station, an ABC affiliate, but it’s on the Internet. I intend to figure out how to format the show as a podcast. The Word of God will save this world. Listen in, and send any comments and advice to me at thendricks@.... Thanks for listening.

      Damian J. Anderson
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