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New Developments in Church Governance including Charter & Councils

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  • Damian J. Anderson
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    Damian J. Anderson

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    Subject: [WDC-List] New Developments in Church Governance including Charter & Councils
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    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I would like to inform you of some new developments as we move forward under Rev. Hyung Jin Moon's leadership as President of HSA-UWC USA.

    During In Jin nim's leadership we were asked to transform our local church governance structure into the LLM Model which was based on a ministry teams model. Each of the local pastors conferred with our national leadership team and felt that this would be best to implement the plans of LLM as seen in the ministries model chart.  We discussed it with the council members and all came in agreement to put the LLM model in place even though there were some questions about the local councils place in the chart.

    In Northern VA the members of the council became an advisory team for the pastors and team leaders. In Washington, DC it was a similar transformation and they met regularly to plan ministry activities. In Maryland nearly all the council members each found a ministry area that they felt they wanted to work with. With these changes, I know, that many of these brothers and sisters, involved in these councils as your elected representatives, had some questions and concerns that they were not fulfilling what God had originally called them to do and to represent you. But, they went along with the requests to help form the new LLM teams.

    Now, we have fairly good working teams in many of our district wide and local ministry areas including; the unified worship creative team,
    Life team with Kids Life, Youth and Young Adult and Blessed Life teams setup.  Also, a growing Care Team has been established including Sunday care, Guest care and community care including cultural outreach ministries.

    Now, with Hyung Jin Nim's guidance, we are being asked to take the best of these ministries and begin to implement them within a new model of both district governance which will include a, newly to be elected, District Council (information coming soon) and to also have local councils that are based on the charter system. This will be similar to the charters we have established in District One that began with Rev. In Hoi Lee and have progressed over the years to accommodate our local growth and ministry areas. Hyung Jin nim does like the Westrock Charter from the Belvedere, NY area which is what our local councils/boards have based our recent charters on. Our Maryland Council has begun to meet once again in preparation to help implement these new models and I encourage all the former LLM teams to work with them and the pastor to bring unity and revival as we move forward.

    The new structure will have both a clear vertical aspect as well as fulfilling a horizontal need for care.  It sounds like a real family style structure. Over the next week there will be memos coming from our national office which will outline these changes and the whole election process starting with establishing the district councils first.

    I feel this new system will give a great voice for all within our community to be heard and to find a place to serve and fulfill God's Will at this crucial time.

    Rev. Randall Francis

    Please see the attached minutes from a meeting of the Maryland Church Council Oct 6th. Their next meeting will be Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wilkening residence in Bowie
    . The NoVA Advisory Team meets Wednesdays at the NoVA Learning Center. The DC Council will meet at the end of October.



    Summary of Meeting of the Maryland Church Council

    Oct. 6, 2012

    The Maryland Church Council, a.k.a. the Board of Elders, convened on Oct. 6, 2012 at the home of Christolph Wilkening. The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. and ended at 7:35.

    Present: Jim Boothby, Arthur Herstein, Doug Burton, Dinshaw Dadachanji, Christolph Wilkening, Jim Parrish (observer), and Rev. Randy Francis. Unable to attend: Beverly Berndt , Gary Rowe. 

    The meeting was called by Jim Boothby, chairman.  Opening prayer given by Christoph.

    Background - The Church Council, elected November 2011, began its new term by completing a town hall meeting in January, a large member feedback survey, and a charter-required pastoral  job performance review. In conjunction with the pastors, additional plans to reinstate financial reporting, launch new church growth efforts and create a revamp of the Community Care Team were in process at the time.

    However, the Church Council and the church charter ceased operations in January 2012 and has not met or conducted business since. This was in response to a request by the District Pastor for transformation from Charter/Council based system to LLM Team Model system. At that time, in alignment with a request reportedly from Rev. In Jin Moon, Charter/Council based governance was not seen as part of the vision that embraced a LLM team system.

    With the departure of the national CEO, a majority of council members felt duty called to resume their representative roles. They reasoned that they had "stood down" as a courtesy to the District Pastor. However, following the change in the Unification Church’s national leadership, several council members argued that the original wishes of the members ratifying the charter and electing the board should be honored as much as reasonably possible. Some church members expected the council to be responsibly proactive at a time when there seemed there was no other official representative mechanism. So, after having not met since January, council members agreed to a reunion meeting at the Wilkening residence in Bowie to discuss the future.   

    Discussion - During the first hour, the members discussed a range of topics, including whether the Council should resume regular meetings, whether the by-laws of New Hope Family Church should be reconsidered and revised, how the council could assist to implement the values recently expressed by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, and by True Mother, the urgent need for financial reports to the Congregation, the need for town hall meetings, the need for organized energetic efforts to grow the church, etc. 

    The council passed two resolutions by a unanimous vote of all present (5).

    The resolutions are as follows:

    1.)    Resolved: that the Maryland Church Council shall resume meeting regularly and reporting its minutes to the pastoral team and to the general congregation through various means.

    2.)    Resolved: that the Maryland Church Council shall ask the District Pastor to acknowledge the council as empowered to represent the Maryland congregation according to the New Hope Family Church charter.

    Rev. Francis joined the meeting at 6:30 p.m. as had been agreed and was welcomed by all present.  The council secretary read to him the first resolution passed, and he responded that it would be good for the Council to meet and that was OK by him.

    The Secretary read the second resolution, and Rev. Francis responded: “I will have to check with Hyung Jin Nim on that first.” He explained that he wasn’t sure that Hyung Jin Moon and brother Kook Jin Moon would agree that the church council should have the same powers set out in the charter and he wanted to be sure so that we would not have to undo any new plan we initiate.

    Considerable discussion followed. 

    Arthur Herstein said that he was not happy with the fact that no formal closure was brought to the issue of transition from the charter-based model of governance to the Lovin’ Life model. Jim Boothby and others pointed out that the Council had not voted itself out of existence per se in January 2012, but had simply ceased to have regular meetings as a courtesy to the request of the District Pastor.  Christoph mentioned that the council had made substantial efforts to consider revised language for the charter to accommodate the team-church model advocated by Lovin’ Life leadership in New York, and Rev. Francis thanked him for that. 

    Jim Boothby asked if Rev. Francis knew why there had been no financial reports for close to 25 months. Rev. Francis said that he didn’t have a good answer for that except that the reports were “cumbersome” to compile and that he "has been trying to get these reports started even with the previous council in MD and the new finance team is near ready to present them."  Members of the council thanked Rev. Francis for his hard work to support team efforts such as the Labor Day Festival outreach and the Summer Fest and offered to help him to make a strong community effort in the months leading up to Foundation Day. Jim asked whether in fact Lorman Lykes had been brought on officially as an assistant pastor or a advisor to the pastor and if so, was he receiving a part-time salary, and Rev Francis confirmed that was the case stating that "he is considered assistant to the pastor" 

    Doug Burton urged that the pastoral team (Pastor Goldberg, Rev. Francis, Kaeleigh Moffitt, Liana Gaarder and Lorman Lykes) hold regular open meetings that interested volunteers could attend to give input, and he urged regular town hall meetings be organized. 

    There was some discussion of the top-down management culture of the Lovin’ Life leadership team and the difficulty of getting any constructive criticism moved up the chain.

    The Council agreed to meet the following week Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the Wilkening residence in Bowie. Any interested members are welcome to attend and speak.

    Minutes reported by Doug Burton

    Unification Church, District One
    Mid-Atlantic Area MD ~ DC ~ VA
    202-462-5700 ext 28

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