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Re: WorldTies: UC pastors' declaration of conscience

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    FYI. Forwarded with permission. ... From: raphael oko Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:07 AM Subject: Re: WorldTies: UC pastors declaration
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      FYI. Forwarded with permission.

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      From: raphael oko <rookobupe@...>
      Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:07 AM
      Subject: Re: WorldTies: UC pastors' declaration of conscience
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      Dear Damian,

      It is so unfortunate this great movement of people with the greatest providential mandate and mission has degenerated to this pitiable situation. We were told that this was a movement of true love with a new expression of truth. Today, the UC movement is being dragged into being an organization with a new "intention of truth and love" but characterized by a huge "expression of falsehood and hatred". How do we explain this emerging reality to the people of the world who said the UC was anti-God, anti-Christ, and deceptive among all the odd descriptions? Our "position seeking" leaders have proved those who accused the movement to be rather true.


      How do we explain that a movement with a trademark of peace will initiate campaigns against "peace festivals" even if the festival is organized by Lucifer and all the fallen angels? How have we so quickly come short of the realization that in building a culture of peace, initiatives such as the GPF can facilitate public endorsement? Now the campaign is to stop HJN and all those who share similar aspirations with the GPF from organizing peace festivals under several stories and misinformation. To what extent can the handful of UC members around the world stand against the world if the peace festival initiatives are endorsed and "owned" by government of nations, sub regional blocks like ECOWAS, EU, etc? What if the UN decides to promote peace festivals around the world as part of the global efforts toward a culture of peace? Will UC leadership "satanize" the UN and mobilize their pastors against them? I think that the strategy that has been adopted is faulty and cannot bring the desired result. We cannot build "One Family Under God" or "One World Under God" by force. I thought that we were told that this vision will come by love and not by force.


      Where are the wonderful lessons on Abel's course, Jacob's course and all those inspiring stuff that TP revealed to humanity? When shall we grow our learning into the realm of practice? When shall we become practitioners after being believers in TPs for many years? I am sure that if God is looking for believers, he will harvest millions from conventional Christianity and not wait for UC members. I thought the difference was that we are much more than just mere believers. I am wondering if the DP may not be re-written by our position seeking leaders for their narrow minded interest that has imprisoned both themselves and innocent members around the world. Since the DP (level 4) acknowledge so much of Rev Kwak's effort, and now he is the "Satan" we never knew, we should be expecting more and better Outline of the Principle from our new leaders.


      The email from Kenya and the reports from Japan and Korea you have shared are merely a tip of the iceberg on what is going on in our movement. In many places, our UC leadership have left the mission of “unification” and are very busy promoting hatred and division and heading toward a new style of communism. If we are to report what is going on in public places, our movement will be banned in many places and we shall be shamed as people who allowed themselves to be fooled into accepting what many will not believe for a long time, but which is the absolute truth.


      I am watching with keen interest what the outcome of the "Kenya Battle" will be as leaders from around the continent and beyond have been mobilized for the event. Since it is easier to destroy than to build, I foresee a situation that the UC leadership will frustrate the program in Kenya but I am sure of what alternative program they will offer to Kenyans and Africans. Whether the event in Kenya holds or not, the GPF has planted “seeds of peace” in the hearts of many people and communities. The people will take ownership of the peace festival and transform their local community “war-like festivals” to this new vision. In many families, schools and communities around Kenya and the continent, many peace festivals shall be organized by the people themselves in a manner that no one can stop them. This initiative for peace has come to stay and it is a fundamental need. A growing network of peace festivals at local schools and communities in the days ahead will facilitate the substantial realization of a global peace festival that we cannot kill again. I am aware that the worst that will happen is to “kill the messengers of peace festivals” but the message of peace festivals cannot be killed by anyone. If the ceremony is stopped by anyone in government, will that stop the deep thirst for peace? Let the UC leaders focus on initiative that will keep the people focused on peace building instead of turning the movement to a weekly one-off Sunday service organization.


      The Africa leadership of the UC who have since gone to sleep and was already snoring deep with inactivity across the region has suddenly woke up with a dream to fight GPF instead of strengthening the UPF that HF and TPs have "endorsed". In Nigeria, Michael Keily (US National Messiah for Nigeria) led a team from the USA to work with the local leadership just to initiate campaigns and blackmails against the GPF team in Nigeria. They furthered their so called fight with false reports to the Nigeria Police against GPF representative in Nigeria (John Oko) with NM Kiely going to the Police to testify against the very people he is expected to serve as their Messiah. I have learnt a new meaning of the mission of a National Messiah to Nigeria (and in fact the only NM who has been allowed to function in Nigeria).


      Media announcements were sponsored secretly announcing the cancellation of the GPF in Nigeria when the UPF in Nigeria never considered announcing her wonderful programs to restore the Nigeria nation. I am really concerned about the understanding of "disobedience" in the UC movement and especially among the leadership. The popular disobedience seems to be focused on "what TPs said we should NOT DO". Unfortunately, our leaders move around with their heads held high when they deliberately or in deliberately ignore "what TPs said we should DO". We see cases of many directions and responsibilities ignored and no one feels that this is disobedience to TPs.


      My final consolation is that the Principle remains eternal and unchanging. All the pretext and undeserved in-fighting will never resolve the ongoing conflict. A day will come when we must address the fundamental issues that makes people feel they will support or oppose the GPF. One day, we shall all know the identity of Satan, whether it is dwelling in Rev Kwak as the leadership is forcing pastors to say or God is with him. We shall know whether HJN is a member of the True Family or he is whatever name that the leadership is attaching to him. However, let us be clear that as long as the fundamental issues are not resolved, many GPFs will emerge in our movement and I foresee a Cosmic Peace Festival coming.


      Let our UC leadership and members remember the founding vision of the movement, the calling and mission of the TPs to save all people on earth and in the spirit world. Let us remember that we shall enter the kingdom as families and not individuals. Let us focus on our portion of responsibility rather than our position. I do hope that the Oath taking ceremony shall not come to Africa soon. Let the leaders focus on using love to win the "enemies" than forcing the "enemies" to love them.


      Thank you for sharing the update and feel free to share this if you are allowed.


      Raphael Ogar Oko
      Africa Regional Country Coordinator,
      Teachers Without Borders

      Damian J. Anderson
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