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UC pastors' declaration of conscience

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    If this nonsense does not stop, before long there will be bloodshed. I just got an e-mail from a UC member in Nairobi, Kenya, who is seeking the help of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2010
      If this nonsense does not stop, before long there will be bloodshed. I just got an e-mail from a UC member in Nairobi, Kenya, who is seeking the help of the President of Kenya to block the GPF event in Nairobi on Nov 17-21 2010. This is reminiscent of the efforts of Christian ministers in North Korea to block the work of Rev. Moon and get him put in prison. This was how Christianity was eliminated in North Korea, by turning one leader against another. Now it is happening within the Unification movement. It is a disgrace.

      Now we have what amount to loyalty oaths in the UC in Korea and Japan according to this blog report.

      Damian Anderson



      November 15, 2010

      UC Pastor’s declaration of conscience

      This is a translation of this article

      The church in Korea and Japan is asking our church pastors to film a video declaring that “Rev. Kwak is Satan and Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam.” But various leaders do not agree with that direction and are very angry that they are being asked to violate their consciences. The following is a letter from a pastor in Korea who decided not to follow the orders.

      Declaration of Conscience (Rev. Man-He Jung)

      Letter for pastors and members of the Unification Church

      Dear pastors, respected members,

      Today, as a pastor of the Unification Church, I want to declare and share my conscience in front of my fellow pastors and all blessed families.

      “Our consciousness knows even before God!”

      If we forget these words that Father gave us, God will not want to dwell in the Unification Family.

      From February 28 until the 3rd of July, 2010, at the seminar center in Kuri City there were many seminars and conferences for leaders to receive “education” and many were also “educated” through numerous sermons at the Central Church officiated by President Rev. Hyung Jin Nim; and especially from pastor Kab-Yong Kim’s sermon on October 17, 2010—so often they emphasized the negative perspective of the Headquarters against Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak. Also on November 5, 2010, we received more “special education” from Headquarters on the 4th floor of the building in Cheong-Pa Dong…

      Thinking about all this “special education” I received, my soul burns with pain and my heart is so shocked that I cannot stand it and I have decided to write this letter with those feelings in every word. This is a letter of everything I put up with but can’t find to do so anymore.

      How can they dare to think that Hyun Jin Nim, without sin, is in the position of the sinner that is Fallen Adam? How can they justify their emotional hatred of Hyun Jin Nim with such criticism?

      I, as a pastor, cannot in good conscience say those words in front of a video recorder.

      How can they say that Rev. Jung-Hwan Kwak, who sacrificed his private life and devoted his entire life to public purposes, is in the position of Lucifer-Satan? How can they judge and condemn without even trying to check the facts and without verifying the truth?

      In the workshop at the church headquarters where the pastors gathered from across the country to film the video according to the design planned by the Church, I could not follow their directions. In a situation where they rounded up the pastors, almost using coercion and pushing them to film the video under the supervision of the Central Church workers, I could not follow their directions.

      I plead to the leadership of the Unification Church.

      How dare you say that these are orders of True Father? How dare you use coercion to engage in these activities which violate our own conscience?

      How long will they [the church leaders] use the excuse and justify their actions by abusing Father’s name? How long will they continue using Father’s name as a threat against pastors and members? How long will they use Father’s name [in vain] to darken our minds and obscure the truth? How long will they use coercion and persecution?

      Our Unification Family still needs to be protected by Father? Do we still need it that only he be responsible for all our actions? Do we still need that he alone bear the entire weight of the cross and pay all indemnity alone? Do we still desire that?

      How dirty, cowardly and childish.

      The filming of videos that violate the conscience, distorts the truth, and makes a “brain washing” with misinformation, should stop immediately. The imposition of false loyalty and commitment must stop immediately. And the filmed videos that were made almost through force that ignore the will of the pastors, should be deleted immediately.

      We are a family.

      With tears we came to understand the words of the Principle and God’s Will that True Father revealed,

      And we were moved by the example of Father who fulfilled the Will of God weeping tears of blood,

      Is it not our that our Unification Family should be living to achieve the original Ideal of Creation which is to establish One Family Under God?

      But then, how is it possible that members of the same Unification Family, who share the same blood lineage of God (through the blessing) as brothers and sisters, and who share the same desires and hopes, and are men and women consciousness, begin to shoot a series of immature videos to threaten their Brother to strengthen their own political power base? Is there a way to justify this?

      These actions will remain throughout the history of the Providence of God and the Unification Movement as a disgrace that we will not be able to erase. These are the actions that are going to become painful burdens for our children.

      True Parents are receiving false reports that their Son is full of sins.

      When I think of the day that True Parents realize that they themselves judged their own Son who had no sin, when that day comes… True Parents will shed tears of blood and they will mourn and cry with all their throat and soul … When I think about that, we all have to know that we are committing a mortal sin that should never be forgiven.

      At least at this point while we are running towards an endless pit we might be able to stop, turn around and follow the path of consciousness.

      If we do not have the courage to stop, our children will have to go down a more painful path because of us.

      November 8, 2010 (October 3, 2010, celestial calendar)

      Pastor of the Church of Yeon-Gi Chung-Nam, Korea

      November 15, 2010
      Why they are filming the videos in Korea and Japan

      This is a translation of the following article.

      This explanation comes from a member in Korea:

      Why is it that the Unification Church is forcing pastors to shoot these videos?

      Observing the fact of filming videos it is clear that the Church and the Mission Foundation absolutely do not want Hyun Jin Nim to return to True Parents, and have no desire to reach a resolution.

      They pretend to be good and say “We’re with the fervent hope that Hyun Jin Nim may return. True Parents are waiting for the day that Hyun Jin Nim comes back”, but what have they been doing? 
      Their actions belie their words: they did public meetings to criticize and speak evil of Hyun Jin Nim, rioted against him, campaigned against him, they even went to the outside media and condemned Hyun Jin Nim as a heretic and destroyer. Even worse, they used the pulpit and sermons to judge that he is with Satan and Fallen Adam.

      Ask anyone. You can even ask a child. 
      Where in the world would there be a man who says he wants his brother back, and at the same time publicly judges and condemns him?

      Ask yourself; could it be that church leaders really want Hyun Jin Nim to return to be at the side of True Parents?

      I think the answer is: No. Absolutely they do not want him back.

      But today I read the “Declaration of Conscience” of Korean pastor Jung Man-Hoe.

      I learned that the church is pressuring pastors to film a video. 
      So, it was not enough with meetings and tours criticizing Hyun Jin Nim, and so now they are forcing pastors to be put in front of cameras to condemn Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak as Satan and Fallen Adam. This way they are trying to do get evidence that pastors are trying to recover UCI.

      What is it that they really want to accomplish with such a stupid strategy?

      Of course the ultimate goal is that they do not want to lose their grip of power that they are maintaining. 
      Still, I wonder what is happening in their heads to concoct such a communist and authoritarian idea. What kind of calculations are they making?

      First, it must be that they are planning to use these videos as “evidence” against Hyun Jin Nim in the court of law for trials that are planned against him in the future. 
      Basically they must be preparing it as a sign that the “leadership (ie, the pastors)” of the Church supports the current “leaders” of the Movement.

      Second, they are using a psychological strategy such that when a person commits an act, that person tends to reach a conclusion that is based on the action he commits. 
      It’s like when someone is debating in his mind whether or not to buy a product and is having doubts about the product until the last moment, but after buying the product those doubts disappear and he person creates the impression that the action he/she took was actually positive. In these situations the actions of one person decide the attitude that the person will have.

      Most pastors do not know the whole truth of the situation. They are listening to words and rumors that are contradictory, and they have no way of verifying the truth of various things. They can only speculate on these issues. 
      Many pastors and members have no access to verify the truth of the statements being made against Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak, and therefore they themselves had not yet reached final conclusions. In other words, they had doubts. But, through such an imposing environment forcing pastors to shoot these videos to criticize Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak, the pastors commit acts that form and inform their attitudes and conclusions in a particular direction.

      Third, it is to trick and to uncover pastors who secretly support Hyun Jin Nim. 
      In short: an “inquisition”. A person who does not want to shoot the video is the traitor within (similar to any Inquisition). There are many pastors who are very concerned about the direction the movement is taking focused on leaders at the Cheon-Bok-Goong (Palace). Some leaders are systematizing the Providence of True Parents in a way that it puts the Church above everything else. There are many people worried about what will remain as the legacy of True Father.

      Because Church leaders are aware of the concerns of members and pastors, they decided to take this action to seek to calm those concerns. 
      Not only to calm the concerns but to control and monitor the membership. Those who are weaker and easier to control and monitor are those that are dependent on the organization (ie, those receiving wages): the pastors.

      Church leaders must have calculated that they only need those who support the goals of the organization. 
      In short, they are willing to split the leadership and membership of the Church into two. This is because they themselves know that in reality Hyun Jin Nim is not “fallen Adam”. And because they know that soon the rest of the leaders and members are going to realize this truth.

      So, this game is not yet finished. 
      They now have nowhere to escape. They [church leaders] played all their cards to the very last one.

      Hoping that this will end soon, and hoping that True Parents can find out the whole truth. Let’s go on forward hoping to fulfill the ideal of establishing one family under God and establish the substantial Cheon Il Guk on earth in the little time that is left.

      November 15, 2010

      Reactions to video filming in Japan

      This is a translation of this article.

      A Japanese web site tells us about the “loyalty” videos that the pastors were forced to shoot in Japan and Korea. According to previous reports, pastors in Japan and Korea had to shoot a video where they state that the Rev. Kwak is “Satan” and Hyun Jin Nim is “Fallen Adam.” This is the reaction of Japan: 

      “They’re pushing the Japanese with everything… The reality is that we are only asked for more donations … Now it’s time to go back to the essence of religion. What we want to ask is that you [the church] also consider the ‘human rights’ of the pastors. The only problem is not the kidnappings (which they love to propagandize and use in their speeches), but we have to see what’s happening and once again become a healthy movement. 

      A survey of the pastors in Japan was done after the video recordings. A table was put outside the building, and as the Japanese pastors left the building after filming the video they were presented with a survey. 

      In your opinion, Rev. Kwak is Satan: 17.7% 
      I said it because I had no choice: 9.7% 
      I do not know what is happening: 4.9% 
      My original mind tells me this is wrong: 67.7% 

      (Note: http://damalhae.blogspot.com/2010/07/blog-post_29.html

      Even without counting the people who “do not know what’s going on” at least 77% of the pastors disagreed with the video or did it only because they were forced to. In the case of Korea they could not do the survey, but one can imagine that there would be a similar result to that of Japan. 

      So what is the reason they are pushing the issue of the shooting a video against HJN? How does it benefit the Providence and how does the church’s work advance through filming a video condemning their brother? Through doing this, could it be that the pastors will be spiritually reborn to work harder on their missions? 

      A pastor is not just an individual, but represents a geographical area and a group of people. So, asking the pastors to film this video means asking all the members to shoot the video. 

      The church should stop imposing itself on the will of its members and pastors with these actions. If you want to achieve the goal of 2013, which is not far, we must come together into something positive. This is not the way.” 

      Other comments: 

      AAAA: The result of the survey is obvious. Anyone who claims to know the principle cannot agree with this ridiculous theory [Satan and Fallen Adam]. 

      BBBB: Is there any way to do a survey in Korea?

      Damian J. Anderson

    • Damian J. Anderson
      FYI. Forwarded with permission. ... From: raphael oko Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:07 AM Subject: Re: WorldTies: UC pastors declaration
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 16, 2010
        FYI. Forwarded with permission.

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        From: raphael oko <rookobupe@...>
        Date: Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 4:07 AM
        Subject: Re: WorldTies: UC pastors' declaration of conscience
        To: WorldTies-owner@yahoogroups.com
        Cc: damian.anderson@...

        Dear Damian,

        It is so unfortunate this great movement of people with the greatest providential mandate and mission has degenerated to this pitiable situation. We were told that this was a movement of true love with a new expression of truth. Today, the UC movement is being dragged into being an organization with a new "intention of truth and love" but characterized by a huge "expression of falsehood and hatred". How do we explain this emerging reality to the people of the world who said the UC was anti-God, anti-Christ, and deceptive among all the odd descriptions? Our "position seeking" leaders have proved those who accused the movement to be rather true.


        How do we explain that a movement with a trademark of peace will initiate campaigns against "peace festivals" even if the festival is organized by Lucifer and all the fallen angels? How have we so quickly come short of the realization that in building a culture of peace, initiatives such as the GPF can facilitate public endorsement? Now the campaign is to stop HJN and all those who share similar aspirations with the GPF from organizing peace festivals under several stories and misinformation. To what extent can the handful of UC members around the world stand against the world if the peace festival initiatives are endorsed and "owned" by government of nations, sub regional blocks like ECOWAS, EU, etc? What if the UN decides to promote peace festivals around the world as part of the global efforts toward a culture of peace? Will UC leadership "satanize" the UN and mobilize their pastors against them? I think that the strategy that has been adopted is faulty and cannot bring the desired result. We cannot build "One Family Under God" or "One World Under God" by force. I thought that we were told that this vision will come by love and not by force.


        Where are the wonderful lessons on Abel's course, Jacob's course and all those inspiring stuff that TP revealed to humanity? When shall we grow our learning into the realm of practice? When shall we become practitioners after being believers in TPs for many years? I am sure that if God is looking for believers, he will harvest millions from conventional Christianity and not wait for UC members. I thought the difference was that we are much more than just mere believers. I am wondering if the DP may not be re-written by our position seeking leaders for their narrow minded interest that has imprisoned both themselves and innocent members around the world. Since the DP (level 4) acknowledge so much of Rev Kwak's effort, and now he is the "Satan" we never knew, we should be expecting more and better Outline of the Principle from our new leaders.


        The email from Kenya and the reports from Japan and Korea you have shared are merely a tip of the iceberg on what is going on in our movement. In many places, our UC leadership have left the mission of “unification” and are very busy promoting hatred and division and heading toward a new style of communism. If we are to report what is going on in public places, our movement will be banned in many places and we shall be shamed as people who allowed themselves to be fooled into accepting what many will not believe for a long time, but which is the absolute truth.


        I am watching with keen interest what the outcome of the "Kenya Battle" will be as leaders from around the continent and beyond have been mobilized for the event. Since it is easier to destroy than to build, I foresee a situation that the UC leadership will frustrate the program in Kenya but I am sure of what alternative program they will offer to Kenyans and Africans. Whether the event in Kenya holds or not, the GPF has planted “seeds of peace” in the hearts of many people and communities. The people will take ownership of the peace festival and transform their local community “war-like festivals” to this new vision. In many families, schools and communities around Kenya and the continent, many peace festivals shall be organized by the people themselves in a manner that no one can stop them. This initiative for peace has come to stay and it is a fundamental need. A growing network of peace festivals at local schools and communities in the days ahead will facilitate the substantial realization of a global peace festival that we cannot kill again. I am aware that the worst that will happen is to “kill the messengers of peace festivals” but the message of peace festivals cannot be killed by anyone. If the ceremony is stopped by anyone in government, will that stop the deep thirst for peace? Let the UC leaders focus on initiative that will keep the people focused on peace building instead of turning the movement to a weekly one-off Sunday service organization.


        The Africa leadership of the UC who have since gone to sleep and was already snoring deep with inactivity across the region has suddenly woke up with a dream to fight GPF instead of strengthening the UPF that HF and TPs have "endorsed". In Nigeria, Michael Keily (US National Messiah for Nigeria) led a team from the USA to work with the local leadership just to initiate campaigns and blackmails against the GPF team in Nigeria. They furthered their so called fight with false reports to the Nigeria Police against GPF representative in Nigeria (John Oko) with NM Kiely going to the Police to testify against the very people he is expected to serve as their Messiah. I have learnt a new meaning of the mission of a National Messiah to Nigeria (and in fact the only NM who has been allowed to function in Nigeria).


        Media announcements were sponsored secretly announcing the cancellation of the GPF in Nigeria when the UPF in Nigeria never considered announcing her wonderful programs to restore the Nigeria nation. I am really concerned about the understanding of "disobedience" in the UC movement and especially among the leadership. The popular disobedience seems to be focused on "what TPs said we should NOT DO". Unfortunately, our leaders move around with their heads held high when they deliberately or in deliberately ignore "what TPs said we should DO". We see cases of many directions and responsibilities ignored and no one feels that this is disobedience to TPs.


        My final consolation is that the Principle remains eternal and unchanging. All the pretext and undeserved in-fighting will never resolve the ongoing conflict. A day will come when we must address the fundamental issues that makes people feel they will support or oppose the GPF. One day, we shall all know the identity of Satan, whether it is dwelling in Rev Kwak as the leadership is forcing pastors to say or God is with him. We shall know whether HJN is a member of the True Family or he is whatever name that the leadership is attaching to him. However, let us be clear that as long as the fundamental issues are not resolved, many GPFs will emerge in our movement and I foresee a Cosmic Peace Festival coming.


        Let our UC leadership and members remember the founding vision of the movement, the calling and mission of the TPs to save all people on earth and in the spirit world. Let us remember that we shall enter the kingdom as families and not individuals. Let us focus on our portion of responsibility rather than our position. I do hope that the Oath taking ceremony shall not come to Africa soon. Let the leaders focus on using love to win the "enemies" than forcing the "enemies" to love them.


        Thank you for sharing the update and feel free to share this if you are allowed.


        Raphael Ogar Oko
        Africa Regional Country Coordinator,
        Teachers Without Borders

        Damian J. Anderson
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