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Dr. David Sang Chul Kim - Celebration DVD Announcement

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    *Dr. David Sang Chul Kim* *Celebration DVD Announcement* Dr. David “Grandpa” Kim has made available two special DVDs produced by International One World
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2010

      Dr. David Sang Chul Kim

      Celebration DVD Announcement

      Dr. David “Grandpa” Kim has made available two special DVDs produced by International One World Crusade Publications.  

      The first is entitled “Celebration of David S.C. Kim’s 50 Years of Service in America.” It was prepared and celebrates his 50 years in America. The DVD is 24 minutes long, and includes a montage of photos from his early days in America, footage from Dr. Kim’s 20 year presidency at UTS, and his ongoing activities in “retirement” for the past fifteen years and counting.

      The second DVD is a historical documentary video of the celebration of his 94th birthday held on November 14, 2009 at the Orient Buffet in Poughkeepsie, NY, titled “David “Grandpa” Kim’s 94th Birthday and 50 Years in America.” This DVD is 104 minutes long and includes testimonies, the traditional fortune cookie reading session, and numerous dynamic contributions from “Grandpa” Kim.

      The tireless Dr. Kim has several projects close to his heart for the sake of the future generations. These projects are being carried onward through the Board of Directors of the International One World Crusade (IOWC):

      1.    First is the purchase of "Won Jeon" plots to the north of UTS at the Red Church Cemetery. The IOWC purchased a large section of the cemetery, for use by UTS alumni and Mid Hudson Valley Family Church members, and with the local church is in the process of paying off this purchase. Former UTS faculty, staff, and local church members are interred at this site. The Red Church Cemetery will become a major American Won Jeon.

      2.    Second is a monumental stone memorial seven and one half feet in height, inscribed side by side in both English and Korean with the “Letter from God.” Dr. Kim compares this stele with the Ten Commandments inscribed on the tablets of stone.

      Those who donate $50 or more to these projects will receive a free copy of the first DVD; donors of $75 or more may receive both.

      Checks should be made out to "IOWC." Send to IOWC, PO Box 1755, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. All contributions are tax-exempt.


      Damian J. Anderson
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