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RYS News Update June 12, 2008

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    [image: $Account.OrganizationName] Religious Youth Service World Peace through Interreligious Dialogue and Action June 12, 2008 Dear Damian J.
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      Religious Youth Service "World Peace through Interreligious Dialogue and Action"
      June 12, 2008

      Dear Damian J. Anderson,

      Upcoming Project - RYS Ivory Coast RYS Alumni in Action RYS PARTNERS - Service for Peace

      Upcoming Project - RYS Ivory Coast

      "Ivory Coast "
      September 7 - 14, 2008

      "Opening the Door to a Lifetime of Service"

      In 2000, only 58% of children in Africa were enrolled in primary schools, the lowest enrollment rate of any nation. Africa has more than 40 million children; thus, almost 17 million school-age children receive no schooling. Schools in Africa often lack many basic facilities especially in poor areas or in small villages. Ivory Coast, in spite of great efforts by the government to support public education, still struggles with grossly inadequate school facilities and personnel. This situation is due, not only to the population being generally poor, but also to the fact that school infrastructure often simply does not exist. Children are sometimes required to walk a great distance in order to attend a school. If they cannot arrange their attendance or assure regular attendance, they often choose simply to abandon the educational ideal.

      RYS Alumni in Action

      Diesa Seidel, an alumnus of four RYS projects and an organizer of several RYS-related programs and fundraisers, has taken her experiences to a new level by forming her own nonprofit organization-United Initiatives for Peace (UIP).

      With the theme "enabling global synergy," UIP is a global nonprofit organization that collaborates with a variety of institutions (charitable, governmental, religious, educational, medical, and corporate) to establish philanthropic and humanitarian service projects dedicated to the holistic evolution of the human race.

      RYS PARTNERS - Service for Peace

      RYS partner, Service for Peace (Miami Chapter) will be holding a service program in the Dominican Republic this summer, as well as a joint project with RYS in Guatemala.

      For more information about these possibly life changing experiences please visit: http://www.sfpflorida.org/

      Applause goes out to Tony Blair

      Applause goes out to Tony Blair, former prime minister of Britain for the establishment of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, recognized by the New York Times as the most high-profile effort in a recent proliferation of organizations dedicated to inter-religious understanding.

      Blair notes in the article, "We don't want to replicate what other people are doing, and the purpose is not simply to have a dialogue. "The purpose is action," he said. "Action to do good, action to counter extremism, because that has an impact on our security, and action to educate, because if there's better understanding between the faiths there's less potential for religious difference to become a source of conflict."

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      - Abraham Lincoln
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