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WorldTies: RYS expands its activities in aid of humanity

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    [image: $Account.OrganizationName] Religious Youth Service World Peace through Interreligious Dialogue and Action June 1, 2007 Dear World Ties reader,
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      Religious Youth Service "World Peace through Interreligious Dialogue and Action"
      June 1, 2007

      Dear World Ties reader,

      Ghana RYS expands its activities in aid of humanity

      Ghana RYS expands its activities in aid of humanity

      "Ghana RYS expands its activities in aid of humanity "

      From April 7-17, 2007, 34 participants from diverse faiths and nine countries came together for a service project in Tinkong in the Eastern Region. The ten-day service, education and cultural program was full of work and happiness in which every individual gave his/her best (to the admiration of the whole community), irrespective of religious, economic, social or racial background.

      Participants with little or no construction experience worked with the assistance and support of local artisans, masons, and carpenters to renovate the six classrooms of the District Assembly Junior Secondary School. They constructed new walls, installed new wooden window frames and screened the floors.

      The educational directors from the USA, Ana and Kelly, together with local RYS project director, Mr. Kerim Tseney, gave their best to make the participants' stay a joyful and memorable one. Early mornings were used for participants' spiritual upliftment. Besides the work projects, participants also had time for relaxation and visited local waterfalls in the region. Experiential, academic, character and moral education formed part of the evening programs. Our RYS family remained together in peace, love and understanding until the day we departed to our various home countries. As usual, some could not believe that the time to say, "goodbye until we meet again" came so soon. Such is life-meeting and departing.

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