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WorldTies: Fred Phelps' Apologists

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    Dear readers, I don t think that God hates homsexuals, but he hates their behavior. With that said, read on. Damian Anderson
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007

      Dear readers,

      I don't think that God hates homsexuals, but he hates their behavior. With that said, read on.

      Damian Anderson



      The Gist

      By Michelangelo Signorile

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      Tuesday, May 01, 2007


      A senior official with one of the Moonie organizations is defending Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who owns the right-wing Washington Times, has been patted on the back by the Bush family time and again and of course by the Republican Party in Washington, which considers the Washington Times the conservative paper of record of the Beltway, though Moon is a maniacal ideologue with a frightening, wacked-out agenda and though his paper is riddled with racists and the like.

      People like Frank LaGrotteria and Robert Stacy McCain are vile cowards who are closeted about their hate, going online to vent it while they ply their agenda more covertly at Moon's groups and publications. And those who give them jobs, like Moon, are dangerous powermongers. But the truly nasty, immoral bastards are those who back Moon in the Republican Party, including George W. Bush, knowing what exactly what he is promoting.

      UPDATE: For those who were concerned that perhaps the post on Good As You was someone posing as LaGrotteria, the guy now confirmed it was him in an email he sent back to Good As You after an inquiry:

      Nope its me...I watched all those shows and he keeps repeating on me...I mean I am not much of bible person..in fact over emphasis on Bible quotes can actually deter the listener from getting the point...but somehow his sincerity caught my attention...you know when person is genuine or full of it so to speak...he seems like the real deal so I felt it was worth listening and digging a bit more deeper...for example the civil rights stuff...of course any real Christian would not sit by and let that happen. likewise any real Christian could not stand by and let sexual sin go unchallenged..



      DavidEhrenstein said...

      Leave us not forget that the Moonie Times is a paper that Patient Less Than Zero wirtes for

      Thoughloversbelost said...

      Amazing how the creepiest in society all stick together. Of course, if you want a prime example of these sub-humans in Phelps organization, take a look at this blog:

      Somehow the creeps got hold of recent posts on the blog, and have been loading up the comments with "fags must die" and other assorted niceties. Of course, nobody has offered to step in and moderate the comments for them either. Sigh.

      I wish someone would take these Sunday morning hypocrites and open their eyes to what is really going on, but then again, they are usually willfully blind most of the time anyway.

      What to do... just thoroughly frustrated.

      JB said...

      Phelps and his crew protest the funerals of American soldiers. It's beyond me how anyone (outside of perhaps the devil himself) would have any sort of support for him.

      John Gorenfeld said...

      Glad you're on the case. I wrote more on the situation at Talk2Action.


      May 01, 2007

      We've been 'Moon'ed!

      So in a recent post wherein we presented some video clips of the Westboro Baptist Church , we recieved a comment that reads (in part):

      Phelps and the Westport [sic] group, at the heart of all their biblical rhetoric and hate speech, are really people who simply and honestly want to stay pure. They do not want to fall anymore and do not want their children to fall. They, like so many others these days, find it hard to simply promote what they believe, and find it much easier to be against something or use something else to make their case...yes they are honest, but not in the way presented by many of the writers on this blog...they are honest in that they want to live in a world of purity, fidelity and true respect for others...this is what makes them so strange...because in our world, the world of selfish extremism, we cannot find such people...I do not say more power to them because I think they do speak hate, but we should study them and other groups and go further into the reasons why such groups exist in the first place.

      So at the time, we did no further research, just assuming the gentleman who wrote this was sadly misinformed. However, the matter was brought back to light today, when the same person posted an addendum to his first comment:

      Well, I am so surprised by life...I watched fred the movie at the following site ...[link redacted]...
      and have to revise my comments about Pastor Phelps being a hate monger. Its better to understand what he is saying and why than to label him a hate monger and thus miss the message and purpose for what he is saying. Please listen to his story and try to understand where he is coming from.

      Okay, so he's justifying/defending the actions of a man who thanks God for the deaths of fallen soldiers...

      Picture 17-11

      ...and who thinks that this is a good display of family values:

      20070402 Ok6

      So who is this person who made these Phelps-defending comments? Well, the handle he used was "Frank" and email address is "flag@...." So doing a quick Google search, it takes you to the home page for the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) [formerly the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP)], where you will find:

      Picture 18-8

      But what's this organization that Mr. LaGrotteria is representing, you ask? Well, does the name of the organization's founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, ring a bell with anyone? Yes/ no? Well, if not, let's look at some of Rev. Moon's teachings:

      May 4, 1997:

      "Homosexuals and fornicators are like dirty dung eating dogs"

      "Is the world around us a peaceful world centered upon God, or is it all confused? (Confused.) That is what is called free sex. What is the meaning of lesbians and homosexuals? That is the place where all different kinds of dung collect. We have to end that behavior. When this kind of dirty relationship is taking place between human beings, God cannot be happy. That is what the secular world is like. As the lord of all creation, are we seeking that kind of world? (No.)"

      "As human beings, we should mobilize our forty billion cells and clean up these dirty places. Would you women want this dirty dung filled water to be poured over you? (No.) What about men, do you want to be soaked in that kind of dirty water? (No.) Only Satan and dirty dung eating dogs go after that. God created human beings and they should stay away from it. Isn't it true? [YES!] There are certain kinds of dogs that go after dung and eat it. Therefore the name of dog (or sometimes "son of a bitch") is used to speak badly of human beings. Those people who love dung eating dogs must have some problem. Especially American people, and American leaders. If they truly love such dogs, they also become like dung eating dogs and produce that quality of life. If such dogs are around can't you smell them? Do you want to be close to them or far away? (Far away.) American people, their mind wants to get away, but their bodies are still being pulled by these dung eating dogs. That's true! Free sex activity is equivalent to this. Father gave you a figure of speech."

      In April of 2001 he said:

      "Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents. Even now, you have to determine that you will repent and follow and become one with Christianity through Rev. Moon."

      December 2004:

      "Look at the world. Young people, now liberated from the yoke of communism, are enjoying their freedom to such an extent that they are in danger of running pell-mell off the cliff of debauchery. Instead of seeking God's ideal of creation, they embrace the perspective of selfish individualism and become slaves to free sex. This gives rise to all manner of social evils. Homosexual activists have hoisted the flag of the so-called "gay" movement. They advocate marriage between people of the same sex. Put simply, this is barbaric and it infuriates Heaven and humanity. Imagine, for a moment, the world that would result from what they advocate. Humanity would become extinct within two generations.

      Those who turn away from Heaven's will dig their own graves in the soil of decadence and immorality. The evil of this age has its own punishing consequences. The incurable disease known as AIDS is a sign of this from Heaven. Even as we sit here, is not this cursed plague infecting thousands of innocent people? Is it not casting them onto the path of death?"

      And now Mr. LaGrotteria, a chief employee at one of Moon's organization's is vouching for the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church! It might all be sort of comical, if not for a few facts: MOON IS ALSO THE FOUNDER OF BOTH THE RIGHT-LEANING 'WASHINGTON TIMES ' AND UPI WIRE SERVICE! MOON IS ALSO IN BED WITH THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION!

      Oy vey.

      There are so many layers of concern here that we simply don't know what else to even say about this. Except of course: We will keep speaking in favor of gay acceptance. We will keep defending our Jewish brothers and sisters (as well as all religious people). We will keep speaking out against the actions of Westboro Baptist. It just becomes increasingly more alarming to witness how inter-connected the dots of antipathy seem to be.

      ***Oh, and this all happened at the Dirksen Senate building back in 2004:

      **UPDATE: There were some concerned that the person who left the comments was not Mr. LaGrotteria himself. Well, he has confirmed to us, saying:

      Picture 22-3

      This was in response to our email, reading:

      Picture 23-1

      Damian J. Anderson

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      Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
          Abraham Lincoln
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