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WorldTies: Wash 'Times' Continues to Lead the Pack in Hilariously Unprofessional Behavior, General Nuttiness

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  • Damian J. Anderson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007


      03  1 2007

      Wash 'Times' Continues to Lead the Pack in Hilariously Unprofessional Behavior, General Nuttiness

      Working at the Washington Times sounds about twice as fun as any other media gig we can think of. Whether your boss is threatening violence:

      Then, I'm told by people present, Coombs went ballistic, slammed his hands on the table and shouted at Jones to do the story the way Coombs demanded, "before I jump up on this table and smack you down."

      Or assigning stories for hilariously insane reasons:

      In the discussion with colleagues on The Washington Times foreign desk, editor Jones said: "The reason we are running this story is that Coombs thinks all the aborted girls means that Indian men will be immigrating to the United States to marry our girls." That is an exact quote, what Jones told his colleagues on the foreign desk.

      Clearly the Washington Times is setting a standard for newsroom wackiness not seen since the heady days of Lou Grant. Plus perverts! We have already sent them our resume.

      UNHINGED [George Archibald]

      Image of Pelagius Pelagius says:

      The saddest sight of my day is the borderline homeless guy who tries to get Alexandria liberals to buy the Washington Times outside my Metro station, rather than take the free Express from the guy standing 10 feet away. Worst. Job. Ever.

      I don't make it out the particular part of NE very much, but I like driving by the Wash Times building. They have that electronic billboard that's always screaming some right-wing bullshit headline.

      No commenter image uploaded jbk says:

      I hear Coombs threatened to disembowel a reporter who balked at writing a story blaming Hillary for the Walter Reed scandal right in the middle of the city room with a rusty knife.

      When did The Washington Times hire my dad as the editor?

      No commenter image uploaded RSquared says:

      Don't forget that the next head of the World Food Program is a former WT editor...and Moonie.

      Image of econdave econdave says:

      "This is the managing editor of a pacesetting American newspaper. Has the man become unhinged and lost his marbles? Will he have to be carried out in a straight-jacket?"

      Anybody who refers to the Washington Times as "pacesetting" shouldn't be questioning the sanity of others.

      Image of sluggo sluggo says:

      "Coombs has told me [George Archibald] and others repeatedly that he favors abortion because he sees it as a way to eliminate black and other minority babies."
      That was tried during the War in Viet Nam, Coombs. It was called The Draft.

      BTW Coombs, have you shared your abortion views with His Reverendshipness Moon Pie?

      No commenter image uploaded gizmo says:

      It's so stressful over there that Fatass Blankley has lost 50 pounds. Another 50 and he'll be able to fit into his SUV again.

      Image of yellojkt yellojkt says:

      Thank God somebody is standing up against Desi-miscegenation. Because my romantic rivals in college were always the fotb grad students.

      Image of cykhaan cykhaan says:

      What diet is Blankley on?

      It's a good thing that this newspaper doesn't inject its political biases into news reporting!

      And, last time anyone checked, threatening violence against someone else is a crime.

      No commenter image uploaded gizmo says:

      I think Blankley is on the diet plan that cuases him to lose a pound for every five pounds of GOP bullshit talking points he spews.

      At his current pace, he'll disappear by Arbor Day.

      Damian J. Anderson

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      Silver Spring, MD 20916, USA

      "You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership." - Dwight D. Eisenhower
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