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  • Damian J. Anderson
    Ambassadors for Peace Subscribe 31 May 2006 - Oceania newsletter - Volume 2 Number 5 Newsletter Archive
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      Ambassadors for Peace


      31 May 2006 - Oceania newsletter - Volume 2 Number 5


      Newsletter Archive

      In this issue..

      Traditional leaders seminar

      Indonesian earthquake aid

      PC's for Pacific (Solomons)

      Fiji reflections

      Vanuatu Chiefs seminar

      UPI Religion & Spirituality Forum

      Coming events

      World tour 2006

      Football for Peace.
      Singapore v Australian teams, June-July. Call +61408294154.

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      Traditional Leaders Seminar

      Report from Micronesia

      The Second Traditional Leaders Seminar for leaders from Pohnpei and Palau was held in Hiroshima, Japan, in the very quiet part of the coastal hamlet town of Kure. The city of Kure is a shipbuilding area and it maintains a formidable naval fleet of frigates and submarines. The largest battleship of the second world war, the Yamato, was built there.

      As almost everyone knows, Hiroshima was hit by an atomic bomb in 1945. It therefore was deemed a suitable place to hold a Bridge of Peace Ceremony.

      There were 28 participants from FSM and 4 from Palau. We stayed at a fully equipped hostel style residence.

      Some of the comments from the reflections were:

      "Hats off to Rev Moon for what he had to go through in order to spread the news ... Rev Sun Myung Moon is just like us, except he's a true love father".

      "All presentations are excellent - well thought - but Rev Enrique Ledesma amazed and inspired me with his presentation - and above all Dr Chung Sik Yong touches my heart with his words about what I should do. I humbly thank you people."

      "...most of the time I give and expect the return. From now on I will do my best to give and forget."

      The bridge of Peace event at the hall was a very deep and moving. Tears were shed and new friends were made. Even grown men cried.Everyone signed the declaration which was presented, debated, edited and approved by all present.

      (Excerpt. Click here to read full report, including more photos and declaration.)

      Click here for Pohnpeian version of resolution.

      Luhk Leng Nett Rev Michael Treacy


      UPF/IIFWP Help for Indonesian Earthquake Victims

      President Abdurahman
      Wahid (File photo)

      On May 27, there was an earthquake in Indonesia. Nearly 5000 were killed and more than 100,000 displaced, rendered homeless. The location was on Java Island in the Yogyakarta area, which is the primary base for Gus Dur, President Abdurahman Wahid, the former Indonesian President and Ambassador for Peace of UPF.

      On May 29, UPF/IIFWP co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon arrived in, Jakarta, for her current world speaking tour. President Wahid met her at the airport, fronted a press conference and offered welcome remarks at the event. He underscored the significance of Mrs. Moon's visit bringing a message of peace, interreligious cooperation, United Nations renewal, and of the importance of building God-centered families.

      Just prior to her speech, Mrs. Moon indicated she wanted to make a special announcement. When Rev. Moon heard news of the earthquake, and knowing the suffering of the people of Indonesia, of their hospitality toward him in the past, particularly President Wahid, and because of his love for the Muslim people, he felt moved to offer some offering of support. As such, he asked Mrs. Moon to offer $US200,000 to be used for humanitarian relief for the victims of this tragedy.

      This fund will be available for programs and projects that bring immediate and direct relief to people, working through an alliance of NGOs, faith-based organizations, religious communities, governmental agencies, including UPF/IIFWP, Women's Federation for World Peace and Service for Peace.

      Start 'em up in the Pacific

      Report from Solomon Islands

      "Start 'em up in the Pacific" a project of Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) assisted by Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). WFWP is an NGO in general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

      "Start 'em up in the Pacific" is a project that puts computers into schools. Currently some 70 computers have made their way into 7 schools in the Solomon Islands. 6 schools are in Honiara and one in Weather Coast and another 70 computers are waiting for placement. The photo below is of Principal Daniel Manengelea (right) of Avu Avu Secondary School South Guadalcanal Weather Coast and Mr Paul Saver presenting on behalf of WFWP and FFWPU.

      The photo was taken outside the FFWPU office in East Kolaridge where Principal Daniel Manengelea took possession of 10 computers for his school. The computers are all disused donated computers from Australia most coming out of schools throughout Australia. Principal Daniel Manengelea said that his school caters for 300 students both boys and girls through Form 1-5 and that these computers would "be benefit to the students affected by the ethnic tension."

      Anyone wanting more information or who wants to donate PCs can contact Paul Saver or John Adamedes, PO Box 1603 Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS, Tel/Fax: (677) 24091, Email

      Reflection on Mongolian People's Federation for World Peace

      Report from Fiji

      I'm really honoured to be an Ambassador of Peace in Fiji and am very proud to be a team member for world peace.

      My recent visit to Seoul, Korea to attend the Mongolian People's Peace Conference, 9-12 April 2006, was very rewarding and an experience of a life time. Meeting with people of different nations throughout the world from different culture, tradition and ethnic background and of course people of very high calibre. The conference included a solid programmed of lectures, speeches and questions. There was also a lot of discussion on upcoming projects such as getting people of two separate nations together by building an under ground high powered electronic passenger train runways from Alaska (North America) to Russia.

      The role model of Father Moon had really inspired a lot of attendees and has spread message of peace through out the world. Teaching of God's love to one and living for the sake of others had been the most memorable one which became the theme for the world peace.

      My fellow brothers and sisters, please do not hesitate to contribute and promote Father Moon's prophesy which started some 60 years ago. The power of people is the sharpest edge of the sword which can cut through anything in the world. As a writer's pen can do a lot to build and at the same time to ruin a nation.

      So my dear friends join your hands to promote peace through the word of God to the world which will definitely make a difference and take the world to a different height away from today's modern, selfish, power hungry world filled with apathy.

      May god bless you all.

      Thank you,

      Rameshwar Singh
      Ambassador of Peace, Fiji
      29 April 2006

      Traditional Chiefs Seminar
      Port Vila Vanuatu
      May 22-25th 2006

      26 traditional chiefs of Vanuatu attended a four day seminar in Port Vila this month.

      Perhaps the most impressive feature of this event was the strong sense of responsibility and commitment shown by the Chiefs. The seminar began with no budget available. All food for lunches and for morning and afternoon teas were donated by local business houses and cooked and prepared by wives of the Chiefs. Vehicles for transportation were also offered for use. The venue was in a traditional meeting house (Chief's Nakamal). Who needs money to do a seminar when a spirit of ownership takes over?

      The chiefs felt that the character education presentations were worthy of bringing to the attention of the Vanuatu leadership and implementation in the schools.

      Another chief kept on telling me that "we all have to become child like, like Jesus said, to enter the kingdom of Heaven". He said, there are many people whose "heads are messed up" and so can't understand what Father Moon is teaching.

      Rev. Andrew Lausberg introduced the seminar with a biography of UPF Founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. Melanesian Islanders listen more with their hearts than they do with their heads. Participants could feel straight away the sincerity of the founders and come to know of the great fruits that they have wrought throughout their lives. They understood that Father and Mother Moon, as a couple, are dedicating their lives and all their resources for the sake of world peace.

      These "traditional leaders" are the living custodians of a vertical tradition and hierarchical system of government in Oceania. The UPF Core Principles resonate so much with their traditional culture. This was evident when it was announced that God desires sexual purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage and that this was a cornerstone in Vanuatu's traditional culture. At this point in the lecture, there was a nodding of heads in unison around the room..

      Paul Saver
      Port Vila
      Vanuatu, May 26th 2006.

      UPI (United Press International) has a Religion & Spirituality Forum with 40 weekly columnists and breaking news briefs. The forum is a big tent for all expressions of religious belief and spirituality.

      Among the weekly columnists is Rebecca Hagelin, whose column, "Heart Beat" appears every Tuesday.

      The URL is: www.ReligionAndSpiritualityForum.com

      Oceania Ambassadors for Peace are invited to visit and check it out. If you like it, you can put a link to the forum from your own websites and blogs.

      Your contributions are welcome. Guidelines for submission are available from Larry Moffitt, Forum Editor, RSForumEditor@....

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