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World Science: 'Toxic environment' making kids fat, study claims

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  • World Science
    * Toxic environment making kids fat, study claims: Unhealthy, addictive food is behind today s obesity epidemic, a scientist says.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2006

      * "Toxic environment" making kids fat, study claims:
      Unhealthy, addictive food is behind today's obesity
      epidemic, a scientist says.


      * New robot rolls on ball:
      A newly built robot balances and moves on a metal
      ball instead of legs or wheels.


      * No black holes after all?:
      One of the universe's brightest and furthest known
      objects might not be a black hole as traditionally
      thought, a study suggests.


      * Human-animal mixing going too far, report says:
      An organization is warning that the creation of
      fused organisms raises grave ethical questions.


      * Driverless cars to unclog traffic:
      Authorities in Europe are pushing a plan to ease
      traffic and pollution through automated vehicles.


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