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World Science: Another universe may have come before ours, researchers say

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    * Another universe may have preceded ours, study concludes: Physicists say they have calculated what might have happened before the Big Bang.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2006
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      * Another universe may have preceded ours, study 
      Physicists say they have calculated what might have 
      happened before the Big Bang.


      * New monkey genus created, first time in 83 years:
      A newfound monkey species is so unique, it requires 
      a new genus -- but it's gravely threatened, experts 


      * Light's most exotic trick yet: so fast it goes 
      Physicists have managed in recent years to make 
      light go faster and slower than its normal speed 
      limit. Now they report going further.


      * Fungus said to attack iconic cave paintings:
      A mold spreading at the site of the famous Lascaux 
      Cave paintings has begun reaching the artworks 
      themselves, a magazine reports.


      * Humans may be off the hook for some ancient 
      New evidence has come to light in one of 
      prehistory's greatest "whodunnit" stories.


      * "Black" features can sway jurors toward death 
      penalty: study

      Men who look stereotypically "black" are much 
      likelier to be executed than light-skinned blacks 
      for similar crimes, researchers say.


      * Science in images: A fly's foot
      An arresting microscope image from the Max 
      Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, shows how
      eye-catching a humble fly's foot can be.


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