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World Science: Studies find logic lurking in madness

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    * Studies find logic lurking in madness: A widespread suspicion that insanity and rationality are related is not without its basis, researchers have found.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2006
      * Studies find logic lurking in madness:
      A widespread suspicion that insanity and rationality 
      are related is not without its basis, researchers 
      have found.


      * Jupiter bright in evening sky:
      Look southeast after dark this month, and you'll 
      see Jupiter shining so brightly that it is clearly 
      visible even through city light pollution.


      * Fossil may lie near root of fish, land animal 
      Scientists are reporting a fossil that may 
      represent a bridge between land vertebrates and 
      most of today's fish species.


      * Polar bears, hippos join threatened species list:
      The list of species facing extinction is growing, a 
      global network of environmental groups and 
      scientists announced.


      * Engineered virus makes cancer cells "eat 
      Researchers say they've created a virus that tracks 
      down tumor cells and forces them to devour 


      * Men more jealous when lover most fertile, 
      researchers say
      Men become more jealous of dominant males when their 
      female partner is near ovulation, a study has found.


      * From sick kids, new insight into what causes 
      Scientists say they have found a key link between a 
      devastating "early-aging" syndrome and normal aging.


      * Science in images:
      A Hubble Space Telescope image shows a comet
      falling apart before our eyes.
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