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World Science: Birds found to learn key rule of grammar

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    * Birds grasp key rule of grammar, study finds: The European starling has an unsuspected ability to pick up human-only language skills, researchers suggest.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006

      * Birds grasp key rule of grammar, study finds:
      The European starling has an unsuspected ability to 
      pick up "human-only" language skills, researchers 


      * Order from chaos:
      One of nature's deepest puzzles is illustrated by 
      some surprisingly common events in which disorder, 
      inexplicably, produces its opposite.


      * Face transplant patient said to be healing:
      The world's second face transplant, performed in 
      China, has been a success so far, Chinese media 


      * Brain cells that track values of objects:
      Researchers say they may have found some brain cells 
      that participate in our purchasing choices.


      * Gene found in disease that turns victims to 
      Scientists are unraveling secrets of a devastating 
      condition that turns muscle to bone.


      * Evidence of pyramid reported in Bosnia:
      Archaeologists have unearthed stone slabs that they 
      say could be part of an ancient pyramid buried under 
      a tall hill.


      To "Wall of galaxies tugs on ours" (April 19)

      The "Great Attractor" is believed to be pulling tens 
      of thousands of galaxies toward itself, not millions 
      as originally stated.

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