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World Science: Hormone inspires animal 'babysitting'

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    * Hormone inspires animal babysitting : Researchers have long turned to animals to study how cooperation evolved. New findings highlight the role of hormones,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2006

      * Hormone inspires animal "babysitting":
      Researchers have long turned to animals to study how 
      cooperation evolved. New findings highlight the role 
      of hormones, they say.


      * Researchers develop method to view Sun's far side:
      A new technique is said to make the Sun's hidden 
      face fully visible for the first time.


      * Scientists to probe ethical complaint over "hand-
      walkers" research
      A Turkish scientists' group announced plans to look 
      into ethical complaints against three U.K. 
      researchers, who meanwhile broke a long silence on 
      the case.


      * Saturn moon may have liquid water:
      Researchers say evidence of water reservoirs 
      erupting in geysers on the moon Enceladus may expand 
      the search for alien life.


      * Study examines how humans are still evolving:
      Scientists report finding more than 700 genetic 
      variants that evolution may have favored in the 
      past 10,000 years.


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