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World Science: Misconduct claim fuels scientists' clash over 'wrist-walkers'

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    * Misconduct claim fuels clash of wrist-walker researchers: The already bizarre case of a syndrome whose victims walk on all fours has taken a surprise turn.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006

      * Misconduct claim fuels clash of "wrist-walker" 
      The already bizarre case of a syndrome whose victims 
      walk on all fours has taken a surprise turn.


      * Redrawn "tree of life" favors hot-origins theory:
      A newly detailed map of evolutionary relationships 
      suggests the ancestor of all life forms dwelt 
      somewhere hot, researchers say.


      * How mega- vortices form: energy theft, researchers 

      Energetic swirling structures, vortices, often form 
      where fluids flow irregularly or turbulently.


      * Molecule blamed for "scar" in brains of the 
      Using mice, researchers say they may have found
      molecules related to a psychological "scar" that haunts 
      depressed people.


      * Chimps cooperate strategically, study suggests:
      Chimps can assess how and when to work together, 
      researchers say.


      * Science in images:
      Japanese researchers announced this month they
      had used lasers to create arrays of dots of light
      floating in air.


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