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World Science: Did U.S. gov't lie about deadly virus project?

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    * Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus project?: Officials seem to have quietly reversed an assurance they gave last month -- that a killer virus
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
      * Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus 
      Officials seem to have quietly reversed an 
      assurance they gave last month -- that a killer 
      virus recently recreated by scientists would stay 
      in a secure government facility.


      * Dolphin games may be more than child's play:
      Researchers say the frolics show surprising 
      complexity, and may reveal links between playing, 
      evolution and culture.


      * Drug eyed for learning disabilities, mental 
      A widely used drug might become the first 
      successful treatment for learning disabilities, 
      scientists claim.


      * How a black hole would look:
      Astronomers, saying they're close to capturing an 
      unmistakable image of a black hole, explain exactly 
      what they expect to see.


      * Researchers induce "sightless vision" in 
      Some people think they can't see anything, but can.


      * Astronomers report catching possible glow of first 
      The first stars in the universe are gone, but the 
      light they sent out eons ago may be still reaching 


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