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World Science: Norwegian boys becoming more girly -- and that's good, study suggests

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    * Norwegian boys becoming more girly-and that s good, study suggests: Young schoolboys in Norway are talking about their feelings, holding hands and learning
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2013
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      * Norwegian boys becoming more girly—and 
      that's good, study suggests
      Young schoolboys in Norway are talking about their
      feelings, holding hands and learning kindness,
      according to a social anthropologist.


      * Study: Earth to be livable 2-3 billion years more, 
      but not for all
      A move to Mars might make sense should we be around
      in a distant future, scientists say.


      * Life's ingredients could form through cometary 
      impact, study finds
      While past studies have suggested a comet could
      bring some ingredients of life to Earth, new
      research goes further.


      * Domestic abuse seen rising in U.K. during 
      soccer matches
      The problem gets worse if the home team loses, a
      study has found.


      * Drivers of market bubbles found to lie in 
      the mind
      Scientists watched the brain activity of student
      volunteers as they placed trades within a staged
      financial market.




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