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World Science: Did Neanderthals contribute to our languages?

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    * Neanderthals may have talked -- even contributed to our languages, scholars claim: Surprising proposals come on the heels of findings that Neanderthals
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2013

      * Neanderthals may have talked -- even 
      contributed to our languages, scholars claim
      Surprising proposals come on the heels of findings
      that Neanderthals interbred with ancestors of modern


      * Clouds may make many planets more livable:
      A new study doubles the estimated number of
      potentially habitable planets circling red dwarfs,
      the most common stars.


      * Being too generous may make you unpopular:
      People ostracize those who are too generous because
      they're nonconformists, according to a study.


      * Air pollution found to slash life expectancy 
      in China
      People throughout some parts of China are losing
      five years of life on average thanks to coal
      pollution, an analysis indicates.


      * Study explores how power gets to the brain:
      Power may or may not corrupt, but it does change
      you. New research explores what happens in the brain
      as that takes place.


      * Smart parrots solve five-step puzzle to unlock 
      A few feathery burglars revealed new depths to
      physical intelligence in birds, scientists say.


      * New process could make hydrogen fuel without 
      using costly platinum
      A new finding might advance the quest to create a
      "hydrogen economy" fueled by a source of abundant,
      clean energy.


      * Computer model said to help explain why skin ages:
      A dwindling population of stem cells in the skin
      explains why older skin is slower to heal,
      researchers say.




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