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World Science: Where's the dark matter? Not here, astronomers admit

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    * Where s the dark matter? Not here, befuddled astronomers admit: Indispensable to modern physical theories, dark matter has turned up missing in our own
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2012
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      * Where's the dark matter? Not here, befuddled 
      astronomers admit
      Indispensable to modern physical theories, "dark
      matter" has turned up missing in our own cosmic back


      * Homeless planets may get adopted:
      There may be hope yet for those worlds that are
      wandering in the cold without a home star, a study


      * Penguin census, taken from space, yields 
      A new study using satellite mapping reveals there
      are twice as many emperor penguins in Antarctica as
      previously thought, scientists say.


      * In bird "divorce," females seen having the 
      Divorce might not be healthy -- but at least it may
      be natural, if findings from a new study are to be


      * "Robotic cat" illness mystifies vets:
      Scientists are on the hunt for a pathogen they say
      may be causing a mystery illness: cats are starting
      to walk like robots.


      * Tumor risk from dental X-rays not eliminated, 
      study finds
      Research has linked dental X-rays to an increased
      risk of a rare, usually benign brain tumor.


      * Scientist hopes to help you create "perfect 
      A study is testing whether iPhones can be harnessed
      to improve people's dreams.




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