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World Science: After anesthesia, 'primitive' consciousness awakens first

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    * After anesthesia, primitive consciousness awakens first: Brain structures that we share with many animals go into action first as awareness emerges,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2012
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      * After anesthesia, "primitive" consciousness 
      awakens first
      Brain structures that we share with many animals go
      into action first as awareness emerges, research finds.


      * Coupled stars seen as chief diet for hungry 
      black holes
      Black holes at the hearts of galaxies may grow by
      swallowing single stars from pairs of stars, a new
      study proposes.


      * Earth-like planets could number "billions" in 
      our galaxy
      Red dwarf stars host an abundance of worlds that
      could hold liquid water, astronomers report.


      * Planets from long ago puzzle astronomers:
      Scientists have identified a planetary system that
      they describe as a likely survivor from one of the
      earliest cosmic times.


      * Link between fast food, depression "confirmed":
      A new study supports past research tying fast food
      consumption to a greater risk of depression.


      * All cattle descend from one small herd, study 
      Living cattle descend from as few as 80 animals
      domesticated from wild oxen in the Near East some
      10,500 years ago, a DNA analysis suggests.


      * 2nd study links pesticide to bee epidemic:
      Mysterious collapses of honeybee populations may be
      explained, scientists say.


      * Dolphins may be dying due to U.S. oil spill, 
      scientists say
      Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico are showing signs of
      severe ill health, according to preliminary findings
      from a U.S. agency.




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