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World Science: "Liberal gene" identified

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    * Liberal gene identified: People with a specific gene variant tend to develop into liberals if they also have many friends as teenagers, a study suggests.
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      * "Liberal gene" identified:
      People with a specific gene variant tend to
      develop into liberals if they also have many
      friends as teenagers, a study suggests.


      * Scientists work on sun-charged "heat battery":
      A new type of rechargeable battery would store heat
      absorbed from the sun instead of electrical charge.


      * Daily vibration may help protect aging bones:
      Whole-body vibration may reduce the bone density
      loss that occurs with age, researchers report based
      on studies with mice and with older women.


      * Peace of mind may close health gap for 
      less educated
      Good psychological health may erase the bad
      long-term health effects of low socioeconomic
      status, research suggests.


      * Obese kids said to show sign of "middle-
      age" heart disease
      Obese children have stiff blood vessels typical of
      much older adults with cardiovascular disease,
      according to a study.


      * Storied "monster" is just a furry victim of mites:
      As Halloween approaches, tales of monsters and
      creepy crawlies abound. Among the more insidious is
      the legendary chupacabras.


      * Astronomers peer into primordial cosmic "fog":
      Scientists say they have confirmed the discovery of
      the furthest galaxy known.


      * Forecast: global warming may bring giant 
      The United States and many other populous lands face
      a growing threat of long, harsh drought in the next
      30 years, a study indicates.


      * Would you sleep on a chunk of ice? Building 
      your "experience résumé"
      Some people can't resist a chance to collect
      experiences, a study suggests.


      * T. rex was a cannibal, scientists report:
      The fearsome "king" of the dinosaurs ate not just
      other dinosaurs but also its own kind,
      paleontologists claim.




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