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World Science: Societies evolve a bit like creatures, study finds

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    * Societies evolve a bit like creatures, study concludes: Increases in political complexity are usually gradual, as is the case with the complexity of living
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      * Societies evolve a bit like creatures, 
      study concludes
      Increases in political complexity are usually
      gradual, as is the case with the complexity of
      living things, researchers propose.


      * Get them some sleep, scientists say of 
      young delinquents
      Many high-school age delinquents get too little
      snooze time, research suggests.


      * Butterflies "treat" sick young:
      Monarch butterflies seem to use plants to treat
      their yet-unborn offspring for an infection,
      biologists say.


      * Falling U.S. life expectancy rank blamed 
      on health system
      Smoking, obesity and murders don't explain the
      United States' drop in global rankings of life
      expectancy, scientists claim.


      * Could ingredients of life have formed over a 
      moon of Saturn?
      The types of molecules necessary to build living
      things could have formed in Titan's hazy atmosphere,
      scientists say.


      * Artificial white light may become eye-friendly:
      Scientists aim to make the harsh, artificial-looking
      light of today's energy-efficient light bulbs a
      thing of the past.


      * Neanderthals had feelings too, researchers say:
      Neanderthal people had a deep-seated sense of
      compassion, their brutish reputation notwithstand-
      ing, archaeologists claim.


      * Marine census shows ocean life "richer" than 
      The project also generated an array of beautiful
      photographs of sea creatures, some of them new to


      * Did volcanoes wipe out Neanderthals?:
      The stocky cave men may in large measure have just
      been in the wrong place at the wrong time, a study


      * Many dinosaurs were taller than thought, 
      study concludes
      Many dinosaur joints contained thick layers of
      cartilage that haven't been accounted for, according
      to some researchers.




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