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World Science: Drug-resistant germs may help their brethren face the attack

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    * Drug-resistant germs found to help their brethren through the attack: Confronting assault by antibiotics, some bacteria help each other out, researchers say.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010

      * Drug-resistant germs found to help their 
      brethren through the attack
      Confronting assault by antibiotics, some bacteria
      help each other out, researchers say.


      * World money meltdown can start in surprising 
      Researchers used concepts from "statistical physics"
      to draw up a list of countries that could trigger a
      global economic crisis.


      * Evolution rewritten, over and over:
      Scientists always seem to be saying some new fossil
      is about to “rewrite evolutionary history.” But are
      these big, frequent revisions really happening?


      * First "clear evidence" of feasting:
      Scientists are reporting what they call the earliest
      clear signs of one of the most universal and
      important social behaviors.


      * Attacked, plant calls for its enemy's enemy:
      When caterpillars chomp on wild tobacco plants, it
      triggers a special SOS signal from the victims, a
      study has found.


      * Biggest black holes formed early, research 
      New simulations suggest the first "supermassive"
      black holes arose shortly after the birth of the


      * A moment on the lips, a year on the hips:
      Just a few weeks of overeating may affect your
      weight and fat storage years later -- even if you
      lost the initial excess weight, scientists say.


      * Designing the smells that sell household 
      Putting a smell that sells into consumer products is
      much like composing a symphony, according to a top
      fragrance designer.


      * Moon may be slowly shrinking:
      Our companion world has seen its crust sink inward
      by up to a thousandth of a millimeter yearly,
      estimates suggest.


      * "Terror bird" jabbed like an agile boxer: 
      Researchers produced what they called the most
      detailed study of the attack style of a fierce
      ancient hunter.




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